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Do you ever get mysterious bruise-like pain in your fingers?

Asked by andrew (16353points) May 1st, 2009 from IM

This has been happening to me for at least 10 years. A few days ago, I was pulling on a plastic cabinet door to make sure I had locked it, and the lip of the door dug into the joint of my ring finger. Now my finger really hurts if I put pressure on it, like a bruise, but there’s no discoloration or swelling. It definitely feels different than joint or tendon pain—and occasionally I’ll have this randomly when I wake up. What gives? What could be going on?

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I have no clue but i get the same thing when i wake up in the morning sometimes. Its pretty weird because it only lasts for a little while and then seems to go away as the day progresses.Maybe unrelated but sometimes when i wake up the skin feels really tight on my hands too.

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I’ve had it too, usually in my right ring finger, or left thumb, I have no idea why.

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There are tiny intrinsic muscles that exist between the bones of the hand and thread thin, tiny tendons along the phalanges. Could it be tendinitis (tendon inflammation) of those tiny structures? It wouldn’t manifest as broken blood vessels, but it would still ache and hurt when used or palpated.

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Geez dude, if this has been going on for 10 years, you really should go talk to a doctor about it. Hope you can get some answers real soon.

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Are you sure it’s not diabetes? Type 2 Diabetics get pain in their fingers and often it is one of the first signs they’ve got it.

I hope not though :)

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There are many potential causes. If it happens when you wake up in the morning you might check out your sleeping position. All the nerves and blood vessels going into your arms channel through a relatively small opening in your arm pit so if you compress it you can wake up with your fingers feeling swollen or numb.

Also, herniated cervical disks can lead to numbness in the fingers. Typically, the precise level of the herniation will control which fingers have a problem.

As RedPowerLady is referring to, finger problems such as tingling or numbness or even pain can also be the result of peripheral neuropathy, which often occurs in diabetics but can result from other conditions.

It can also be the result of carpel tunnel syndrome, tenosynovitis (inflammation of the tendon sheaths), arthritis, damage to nerves, or a number of other things. If coupled with a color change in your fingers it could be Raynaud’s Disease.

If it is inhibiting you from doing things you want to do or if it is getting worse, then I suggest you get thee to a doctor.

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@3or4monsters: I bet you figured out mine, the first time I noticed it I had a perfectly circular bruise on my palm just under the knuckle the size of a pencil eraser, I could not for the life of me figure out how I got it there, and while it didn’t hurt on that spot, when I pressed above it it hurt and since then, while I have gotten no bruises I have had the exact same kind of pain. Thanks. :)

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Yes, I get this too. As my whole body hurts most of the time, I’ve never really sought out the precise reason for the finger pain… I just add it to the list. ;-)

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