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Is there a free word processing program out there, for PC, that is better than Microsoft Word?

Asked by Blondesjon (33976points) May 3rd, 2009

I would like to know. Please link your answers. Love you guys.

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Better, I don’t know. But openoffice is a good alternative. Or maybe abiword.

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Another vote for OpenOffice – best word processing there is, free or not!

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I can’t stand OpenOffice myself – on PC I like using Google Docs

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I like OpenOffice, with a close second by Google Docs. I haven’t tried the offline version of Google Docs. What I like about these two apps is the fact that you can save as a MSWord document if you need it (e.g., some employers require any attachments, such as resumes, to in MSWord format.)

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Better than? No.

Bareable? OpenOffice.

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Uh… I love Abiword, in a twisted sense of the word “love”. Abiword is simple, and doesn’t pop up with stupid,‘do you want to make a bulleted list?’ crap. OpenOffice is great though, yeah. OxygenOffice is based on that, but with more shiny-ness.

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