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Will my Leopard disc included with my Macbook work on an iMac?

Asked by richardhenry (12692points) December 15th, 2007

The restore disc included with my Macbook: will that work on any other Intel-based Mac?

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No-they are specifically for that model of MacBook; the OS and utilities only work for restoring as opposed to a clean install of the OS.

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I’m guessing it wouldn’t work on a laptop model, either, right?

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The MacBook is a laptop.

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and this

This describes in detail why the DVD restore discs are unique to each model of Mac.

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Yes it will work.

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Thanks sndfreq. Great answer

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Sometimes it all depends on when each of the computers were made, and whether or not they were released around the same time. There are some work a-rounds. For example my Original G4 733Mhz was not suppose to take or allow 10.5 to be installed, yet I found a way to install it by making my G4 A slave Firewire Drive to a G4 iBook. Your mileage may vary by model, but provided the is NO DANGER or DATA LOSS, I would try a few installs via this method. Good Luck!

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