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Where is a good place to find royalty free art?

Asked by ems (185points) May 3rd, 2009

Things like posters, illustrations, drawings where the copyright has expired.

So far I have found wikipedia to be a pretty good resource.

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I typed Royalty Free Art in my favorite charity donation search engine and found a list that might help.

discover's avatar—-its a free stock photo site

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Dover books include CDs of public-domain art.

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I second Stock Exchange.

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I love stock exchange. For stock photos I have also had some luck at and

@phoenyx I am intrigued by creativecommons Thanks for the link.

I am mostly looking for vintage illustration. Like old movie posters or book covers where the copyright has expired because the author has died, or the rights just haven’t been renewed.

It is really difficult to know whether or not a piece is still protected.

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