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Have you ever seen a functioning toilet in the middle of a room?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6756points) May 3rd, 2009

Are toilets only functional if they’re up against a wall? I’m very curious about this.

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Yes, in Ecuador.

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does it count if you take a dump in cardboard box? or do you mean “toilet toilet”?

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@eponymoushipster I mean a real, white, porcelain throne :P

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I think they have to be up against a wall so nobody can sneak up behind you with a garrote while you’re sitting there all preoccupied and vulnerable.

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Or, more likely, because having them against the wall makes the plumbing simpler.

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Or that.

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You can have a toilet anywhere you want as long as you have the plumbing.

But why would you want one in the middle of the room.

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new version of the stockades?

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I’ve seen really fancy one that had a vent under the seat and exhausted the vapors up to the roof through a vent line in the wall. Very classy. That’s much better than bathing yourself in your own exhaust as it passes to the overhead fan. The unit was attached to the wall, of course.

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It sure would make it easier to clean behind it!

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You can put this one anywhere you want.

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@fireside I think I’ll pass, thanks. Hahaaaaa

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there’s a Kohler ad where there’s a toilet in the middle of the room. It’s disconcerting though, both for the garrote (@Jeruba) and the fact that sometimes, you need to learn back – which is really what Fat Joe was singing about.

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You need to try one of these babies. Once you sit down, you don’t want to get up. Garrote or no.
You can adjust water, air, and seat tempertures, water pressure, angle, an position. Dryer temp.
If it had internet included I’d never leave the room.

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@Lupin LOLL, internet & a bar. Geez, what must that sucker cost??!!

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@jbfletcherfan usually when you cant find a price its not a good sign :P

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Some of the hotels had them in Japan. The keyboard was all in Japanese. Fortunately I could read. Men would not want to make a mistake and push the “Lady” button.
The mere thought of it makes me wince.

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In 1971 I went to work at the Central Library of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain branch. I was in Accessions, a big room running the width of the building. (At one end a partition was built to create an office for the Accessions Librarian). Dividing the Serials area (where I worked) from the main Accessions, was the lavatory, a whacking great cupboard with one of those pressure tanks – you pulled a chain and the thing flushed. They did put up a partition for privacy, but it did not occur to any of us that this was an unusual spot for a toilet. BTW, the men’s toilet was in the other side of the building. Mind you, the building was already old when Central Library moved in, back in the fifties. I think it was built before indoor plumbing came to Trinidad :)

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@uberbatman Boy, you got THAT right!

@Lupin, It makes you sit up & take notice, huh? LOLL ’-)

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@Lupin, what happens when you push the Lady button? This is for the betterment of my worldly education.

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@Jeruba The nozzle extends from the rear of the toilet and stops in a position perfectly placed to gently cleanse the certain region only possessed by members of the fair sex.
I have been told the effect can be quite stimulating.
If you look at the link supplied earlier you will see the placement.
My then 4 year old thought it was a water fountain. Daddy look! I can get the water myself!

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Maybe so u can reach the toilet paper? Wait no, thatsz to logical, lol but that is actually a good question, the only reason I kno is because mine wasz in the middle, and I had to spend so much money on plumbing because I hiked my pants up to run and get the toilet paper, then had to clean my pantsz after I cleaned my bum(=/)

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