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I'm having trouble with this. Is a lack of respect the same as disrespect?

Asked by Jiminez (1248points) May 4th, 2009
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I don’t think so. You can be ignorant and have lack of respect to those around you. But if you are aware of your actions then there is the intent for disrespect.

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I would think it amounts to the same thing because to disrespect shows also a lack of respect.

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I think there is a subtle difference. You can lack respect for someone without showing it. Disrespect is an action that indicates a lack of respect. JMO

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No. It is possible to lack respect for someone and at the same time observe all the normal courtesies (especially if that someone is your boss).

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I think it’s a sin of omission versus a sin of commission. From an inward point of view, failing to display respect is not the same as displaying disrespect, although in many cases it can look the same externally. In either case it will not resemble respect.

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I don’t think so. Though when I was growing up it certainly seemed like the adults around me thought it was.

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Depends on how self-important and/or sensitive the reciever of the alleged disrespect is. Also, social expections of the culture (honorific titles,) and deliberate ommission vs. accidental.

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Trying to wrack my brain for the best conveyance, let’s see.
Lack of respect can mean I don’t have respect for you other than social courtesy which is more a reflection of my self respect. Disrespect would be a conscious negativity towards you.

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@FAGIN: That’s not a good argument. Disrespect includes a lack of respect, but that doesn’t make it the same thing.

I think the difference becomes clear when you compare someone honestly not caring about X to someone really hating X. The former would show a lack of respect – and of any sentiment whatsoever for that matter – while the latter show disrespect.

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I think Supacase had the most accurate take here. A lack of respect is necessary for disrespect to take place. Disrespect is the act of showing your lack of respect. You can’t “lack of respect” someone, but you can “disrespect” someone. On the same note, I don’t think you can be respectful or courteous to someone you have no respect for. You can regard them with fake pretense of respect, but that’s mostly out of fear.

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@Jiminez: “You can’t “lack of respect” someone”
You can “not respect” someone though.

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But that’s more of a condition, than an act. If you show someone no respect then you show them disrespect.

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No. You may not have respect for someone but that does not mean you will do something that will disrespect them. In other words Respect is an earned emotion or feeling. Disrespect is an action taken aginst some one or something.

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That’s true, it’s not an act. But I still think that besides the act of showing respect and the act of showing disrespect, there’s also the possibility of not doing anything.

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