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If you were a prescription medication, what would your side effects include?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14596points) May 4th, 2009

Side effects of The_Compassionate_Heretic may include obsessive attention to detail, bad jokes, and a generally positive disposition.

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A headache, that’s for sure!

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Sexual disfunction and explosive diarrhea.

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Good question!!! “PAIN IN THE ASS”

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Everyone says I’m full of shit

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Horrible diarrhea of the mouth, giggles and an obsession with all things orange.

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Confusion, dizziness, inability to focus and sudden urges to work out.

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Seek immediate medical attention if you have an erection lasting more than four hours.

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Zocor brought on rhabdomyosis. That’s when muscle tissue starts to break down. They tell ypu about that in the ads “severe muscle pain or weakness call your Dr right away”.

Atenelol evidently has a “depressive” effect. I had never been depressed before but while I was taking that it actually felt like there was a physical weight on my shoulders.

Lisinipril gave me hyperkalemia. I had taken a blood test on a Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning I got a call to come to the emergency room immediately. Evidently a side effect was that my potassium level was raised to a near fatal level. I didn’t feel a thing.

Of course all meds warn you of GI problems, sleepiness and wakefulness, high and low blood pressure, nausea and liver damage.

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A 4 inch prick extention!

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Dave’s not here

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Mania, silly hallucinations, somnambulism, insomnia and dry mouth.

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superiority complex, paralyzing fear of bugs, the urge to eat prunes, and a fondness of boobies

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Sharp pains in the gluteus maximus.

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a tendency to bad puns, insomnia and depression; a love of books and reading; a fascination with the behaviour of public personalities; love of music

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Side affects of toomuchcoffee911 may include:

Consistantly having a song in your head.
Explosive random laughing.

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A passing phase or paranoia followed by mild manic depression.


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On the up side:
A great sense of humor
Love of all animals

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Within 72 hrs the following may occur:
Talking in 3rd person
Urge to travel

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Insomnia, overthinking, random unexplainable itching that only lasts a few seconds, potential hallucinations, and a faint ringing in your ears that sounds like Trance music.

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A spike in blood sugar, muscle spasms, light-headedness, and good old-fashioned “traveling uterus” hysteria.

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Well, I know which medicine on this question I want to take! ;-)

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Exasperation, ditziness, and an incredible urge to hug strangers.

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split personalities…or schizophrenia…prolly more the latter than the former.

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The tendency to sit and think for hours without accomplishing anything.

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Irreversible Night-Owlism
Cravings for sweet and salty foods and people
Constant inner dialogue
In severe cases: Flutheritis

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random bouts of manic-creativity, flatulence, irrepressible sexual desires, obsessive compulsive thinking, spelling Nazism, hilariously funny one-liners, and a craving for unusual foods.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra: I’ll take some of that, too! ;-) except the spelling Nazism

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A compelling urge to have sex that could not be denied and ends with a BIG “O” for the ladies everytime and extends male abilities well past 3 minutes.

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