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What o do on highway 1 in California?

Asked by omfgTALIjustIMDu (8813points) December 15th, 2007

My mom and I are taking a trip to California over December break. We’re flying into L.A. and planning on driving down highway one into San Francisco.
Can you suggest things to do on the way?

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As a San Fran resident, I know the northern California parts of highway 1 better than the southern parts. Big Sur has some amazing hiking, and you might want to stop there to hike or just to see the dramatic views and take photos. As you get closer to SF, I’d also recommend stopping at Big Basin park (near Santa Cruz) to see the redwoods. Big Basin has hikes that range in length from 1 mile to 20 miles, so there is hiking that’s appropriate for all kinds of people, whether you’re an experienced backpacker or just looking for a nice walk in the woods. If you’ve never seen redwoods before you really must stop there -they are majestic, enormous, breathtaking trees, many of them over a thousand years old.

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Hearst Castle in San Simeon I used to drive for Greyhound and to groups there now and then. If you can take one of the tours it’s amazing how many antiques he collected to many to display. I believe tours book up fast groups had to book almost ayear in advance. But the information Center at the bottom of the hill is very interesting as well.
Also Carmel an Artist retreat Client Eastwood was Mayor for awhile.
PS have a great trip

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Ditto on Big Sur, Hearst Castle, Santa Cruz Mountains and Monterey.

If you are in Monterey area, check out the Monterey Aquarium. I think it is one of the best aquariums in the nation other than Tennessee’s freshwater Aquarium. And walk along the long paved trail from Cannery Row to Fisherman’s Wharf.

If you are in Santa Cruz, stroll down Pacific Ave and grab some mocha coffee or hot chocolate at Chocolat. They have great breakfast at Zachary’s, also on Pacific.

Half Moon Bay…check out Ritz’s backyard, open to visitors, they have long trails and great views of the ocean. Grab some coffee and enjoy the bonfire. also north of Half Moon Bay…theres a town called Granata or Princeton by the Sea, great clam chowder and fish and chips at Barbara’s Fish Trap.


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Also stop by Carmel, they have cobblestones road on ocean street/main street? and a great eatery called Hog’s Breath (owned by Clint Eastwood, he was a mayor of this town) or Village something is another great restaurant and check out 17 mile drive. (8 bucks per car i think) Another great place to check out ocean views is Spanish Bay. Theres an outdoor terrace near Roy’s (expensive) but if you order something small, appetizer or a drink outside and soak the views. If it still exists, can be ‘free’ for the 17 mile drive to clear the paying voucher if I remember. At Spanish Bay have a person playing a bagpipe at sunset. And great woodedn trails to walk around. You just may see a lazy seal. (it depends time of the year)

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oops…I need coffee..forgot about the Southern part of California (some are off hwy 101)
Malibu (check out Dukes restaurant to see surfers practice their stuff while eating)

Santa Monica (Third Street Promenade) and the wharf nearby

Santa Barbara (stroll on State Beach)

Solvang (Danish town)

Pismo Beach

San Luis Obispo

Have fun beach hopping!

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Thanks for the great suggestions!

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Moss Beach has a great restaurant, The Moss Beach Distillery. And it has some history as a place bootlegging took place. AND it’s supposed to be haunted.

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I second the suggestion about the Monterrey Bay Aquariam. That place is amazing! They have a whole exhibit of jellyfish that glow in the dark—it is truly unbelievable. In fact, I think it is where Ben (fluther co-founder) got the inspiration for the jellyfish-theme of this website!

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If you have time, try to see at least one of the missions in CA. I sort of believe one beach is like any other but that’s me. Ventura and Santa Barbara would be good stops in SoCal. Any of the places mentioned would be good. If you have time, a quick stop on the Hollywood walk of fame is always fun.

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