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With all of the computer comercials on television lately what is your stance? Mac, PC, or third party?

Asked by Maethirion (14points) May 5th, 2009

I’m planning to buy a computer for university and I’m hoping to buy a mac because that’s what I’m most familiar with, but I was wondering which computer you would buy if you were in my situation and why do you favor this computer over the others. For example, if you like Lenovo, you could say that it’s cheap, runs on windows, and I’ve always like IBM.

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Right now, Mac, but I do like Windows 7. I would reconsider windows when 7 comes out.

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I just bought a new MacBook Pro last night. This is my second Mac.

windows is for the birds.

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Mac, hands down…

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I’m a Mac. I can’t imagine living without iLife, grab and being able to “drag and drop”. There is no competition as far as i’m concerned.

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We have a PC, but there are some nice features on Macs…I really like the PC, Mac commercials, they make me laugh. Especially the one I just saw about PC going to the future to see if they had fixed the problems. Someday we will get a Mac.

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Mac was the bomb for graphic design. WAS… And, with Final Cut they have it going on, only because it is cheaper then an Avid. Avid will smoke Final Cut. 96% of the world is IBM based. The other 4% is everything else. I am trying to keep this short.
Mac does nothing for me. The arguments about it are mostly false, from people that just pass on the stories from other Mac loyalists. . I have spent YEARS behind both. Having an IBM PC in my office I have more of a chance of hiring someone that understands that platform, then finding a Mac user. Except for some specialized applications. It is potato Pototo. Besides, most peoplt that use their computer never look under the hood. And, data processing is data processing with any opperating system.

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Hot meme today:

If you’re ready for Life Without Walls, maybe you’re ready for life without Windows®.

For real security, real convenience, real innovation, and real design, make a real choice. Get a Mac.

Congrats, @eponymoushipster!

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Hey, respect to you my friend. But you are so wrong. And, you are right! IF you do not know how to use your computer. you will have security issues, inconvience, and no innovations with both platforms. I have crashed Mac’s and had security threats. I have worked my boxes hard. They both worked just as well. Depends on how good you ride the pony.

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@ChazMaz, hey, I too have done seen the Mac fail. It ain’t perfect. No one who seriously talks about it claims that it is.

If you want to spend your time not running multiple anti-virus software packages (and still having gaps), not identifying/tagging your friends one-at-a-time in thousands of photographs, not running disk defrag, and not hosting the latest malware exploit that lays bare all your system internals, then get a Mac.

If you want the very best laptop computers on the market in any classification, get a Mac. Oh yah, and Apple’s customer service beats out the rest, too.


If you need to run some crufty old enterprise application that your company only supports on IE, want to author your own malware and/or anti-virus suite, or just like eeking the poorest performance out of your bottom-of-the-barrel hardware, then get a PC and run Windows.

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I think Apple has nailed it when it comes to laptops.
Desktop PC’s however are far less expensive and easier to upgrade.They’re more versatile.

What I’m really liking these days is Ubuntu

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I use a Mac. Apple seems expensive since they don’t sell cheap shit. They don’t want to compete with Dell for the sub 500$ market.

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@robmandu i’m glad that “still windows” is now in my life. Awesome. Haha.

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One of each. Only way to go.

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Mac for fun, windows for business. I use windows for work which is much easier for my application and mac is for when I get home to go online, look at pics, watch movies and sync with my iPhone.

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Ok, tired of the virus issue. Mac has VERY few because in the big sceam of things there are not many. If there were the same amount of mac and IBM’s the virus issue would be a draw. As far as anything else goes my PC runs just as fast as my Mac and it is cheeper. I run high end editing software and graphic design. No difference. I never needed multiple anti-virus software packages. No need for disk frag. Which is not an issue. Unless you are picking. No eaking with my machines. Only plus, is Final cut is cheeper then IBM computers that have comprable software. Oh and Mac is a PC. Personal Computer. I am not try to rag on the Mac, but dollar for dollar and what you are doing no matter what. No difference. And, If I have to employ someone. Easier to find a “PC” person then a mac. And, if I have to repair my Mac twice as much. But it is a good box. freedom of choice.

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I use both and I’m getting a new laptop for college and I decided I want to get a Windows computer (I refuse to use the term “PC”. I hate it. And yes, I know it’s “right”. Doesn’t matter; I hate it). And even though I know that a Windows computer is more likely to have problems, I just prefer Windows. Macs don’t have as many features, they don’t have as much customization available and I plain just don’t like the way they run in comparison with Windows. Keep in mind that the laptop I’m getting is very high-end and has all the highest-level features. I know not everyone who gets Windows gets one with all that. It’s a Dell M1530 and it’s going to cost around $3000. Not trying to brag, but you asked specifically about buying a computer for a university and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ve also been using a Windows Vista Dell laptop for 2 years and have had few problems with it. With the new computer, I’m planning on upgrading to Windows 7 when it comes out.

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I work on Macs during the day.

I teach on PCs at night.

I often cry in the night.

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@ChazMaz, dude, I’m sick of folks using the tired “not enough market share” argument to explain why there are ZERO viruses in the wild for Mac.

You might recall that there was a time when some geeks got Linux running on the iPod. Not very many of those in the grand scheme of things. And yet, there was a virus for that!!!

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TV commercials don’t influence my opinion on things.

Here’s how I break it down. You have a main choice of Windows, Mac, or Linux. Linux is best left to people who are advanced at using computers (by definition of you asking this question, Linux is not right for you, especially going into college where there could be software requirements etc and Linux is not commonly supported). You have a lot of experience with Macs, so I would suggest sticking with a Mac. You asked about Lenovos and I’m actually using one now, and I do admit it’s the most impressive Windows laptop I’ve interacted with in many areas (I would say it’s equivalent in capabilities to my 4 year old custom built desktop), so if you do choose to go Windows, I strongly recommend any Lenovo running XP if you can get that.
Small point, Lenovo does not equal IBM completely. Yes, IBM sold their hardware division to Lenovo and they have a close relationship, but they are not the same company, and it’s a bit illogical to base any assumption about Lenovo on the basis that you “like IBM”.

Bottom line, use what’s easiest for you to use, which in this case is likely a Mac.

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I have come across Mac viruses also. They do exists. Mac does not have a special immune system.

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