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what happens if you eat meat that has been defrosted and then refrozen, and then de-frosted again?

Asked by jca (36002points) December 16th, 2007

you know how you hear that raw meat should not be frozen twice? what happens if you did and you ate it? is it just a myth? is it that it wouldn’t taste good or would it be bad for you in some way?

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Well, I made that mistake a couple times without any horrible effects. (I think). But the google link above has better advice than that.

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Salmonella. Makes you into a contortionist, trying to cope with diarrhea and vomiting simultaneously.

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i had some uncooked chicken thawed at room temperature a few days ago, changed my mind about cooking and put it back in the freezer…i thawed the chicken today in a microwave, cooked, and ate it for dinner….i’ve been feeling a little nauseous for 2 hours now…i never knew this was bad practice!!

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@ciku: Live and learn, I hope. But, as the Gastroenterologists are so fond of saying, thinking that it is funny, “This, too, shall pass.”

Hope you are feeling better. The body will purge itself (see @gcross above).

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