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Any luck with the nicotine patch?

Asked by serenityNOW (3636points) December 16th, 2007

Success stories, failures, let me know! I’m ready to quit, just a bit scared

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According to studies the initial success rate is 23% and 15% after one year.

Some resources:

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i’ve tried the patch. wound up smokng while I was on it. which is bad.

my answer: no, no luck.

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I don’t smoke but I researched this product for investment potential. I got it from a Walgreens store let a couple of my friends try it and both of them stopped smoking. It’s a natural product works by both reducing the craving and has a natural stress reliever. It was originally designed for smokers who were inside and couldn’t get out for a smoke break. However many people started using it as away to stop smoking.

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my best friend is a 2-pack a day smoker chain smoker. She managed to stay off the smokes for a few months while using the patch. Then one day she ran out of patches and began smoking again like a maniac. So, they seem to work, but make sure you always access to them .

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Commit Lozenges seem to work better for me.

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I developed a stomach-wrenching daily cough, (ironic), from the patch, which went on for two months until I quit using them. For some reason they made my throat dry. I found it easier to quit cold turkey in the end.

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