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Lawn mower died while using it and now it won't start?

Asked by vanessa61 (9points) May 6th, 2009

Bought a house and the mower came with it. Put gas and oil in it today. It took awhile for me to get it started, but I finally did. No primer button that I can find. Type of mower where you hold the handle up to start it and while it’s in use. It died on me after only a few minutes and now I can’t get it restarted. Make is a Toro 5hp.

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Have you checked the air filter?

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A Toro DIED???

Hmmm..What type of oil did you put in it?

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Was the gas in it old? If so chances are it was contaminated.
Here is an article that may help.

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Did the owner say when he/she’d last had a “tune-up”?

May need to have a good once over. Either you can take it to your local place yourself (we did this, as the Toro handle easily is taken down to fold over), or they can pick up for you.

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Has it rained lately or is the grass especially long? The blades could be clogged. My mower won’t work when that happens.

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@Supacase GREAT tip. I forgot about that. My Toro does this when I mow the front (we have a “divet” area that grows fast. I carefully tip it on it’s side and use a strong stick or metal weeder to unclog the “mulching” blade. The curved blade clumps all the grass to the side (right on mine if looking from the back) of the gas tank fill. After you “unclog” it, it should start up perfectly well again.

Toro’s are PERFECT mowers, and are WELL rated because of their consistent performance.

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kick it…
if that does not work, call the customer care hotline every manufacturer has :)

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buy a new one or empty the grass bag thing

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try a new spark plug…they’re cheap and easy to change…that fixed a similar problem for me on an old Pulan mower. the mower would normally start with the first pull, even after several years of use. then one day i was mowing and it started puttering. especially if it had to cut through some thick grass…and then it just quit…it would start after several pulls and messing with the choke. eventually, i was not able to start it anymore. as a last resort, i changed the spark plug and it started up the first time!

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Thank you everyone!!! It was the spark plug, plus I had flooded it. I was trying to start it with the lever in the wrong position. It was so kind of all of you to respond! This is a great site. Thanks again

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gas tank is probably flooded. also check the oil level. otherwise, time for a new lawn mower.

let me guess, you were right in the middle of your front yard doing the suburban diagonal cut.

yeah, that needs to be finished. you wont sleep tonight unless it is.

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