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Does Canada have a good nightlife?

Asked by johnny0313x (1845points) May 6th, 2009

What are some fun things to do in Canada for a group of 20 some year olds? Is there a good nightlife? Where is a good part to go? We are in PA so would like to stay close to the US not go to far into Canada. Thanks

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Uh, Canada is fairly large. I’m not sure we can generalize like that.

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My friend, Canada is a large place. You need to specify where and what kind of nightlife you’re looking for. As well, how much is your budget?

Starting out from PA, you can easily travel to Toronto and Montreal. I would recommend Montreal if you’re looking for unique flair (some people call it the New Orleans of Canada), and while speaking French is a plus, I think you can get away with some English there. Toronto is fun but I will leave it to others to describe it as I’m not a fan of the city.

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I’m sure there are a lot of moose and polar bears in the Yukon that are quite fond of their nightlife.

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Toronto is like NYC, in terms of things to do.

Montreal is freakin’ crazy. it’s a mix of American-style and more European-style nightlife. For example, I went to a club on the roof of a hotel at 1am, and there was a pool. And then models showed up and were swimming in the pool. Then somebody bought everyone in the pool shots.

If you’re into that sort of thing.

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those war dodgers? nah…
They do have some good concerts from time to time, but, who doesn’t?????

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Oh Canadia!!!!!!

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Toronto does indeed have a very active nightlife. This site gives you an idea of what all is going on. My brother’s band periodically has gigs there and there is an active music scene.

Montreal also has great nightlife. I spent several evenings prowling clubs in the old part of town. And although speaking French can help, it isn’t entirely necessary if you are a friendly person.

Ottawa as the capital also has terrific nightlife.

If you are willing to go a long way, Calgary, off west in Alberta, has awesome nightlife, too.

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I would think the closest, biggest city within striking distance is the one you want to hit in any country. For you, that seems like Toronto.

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Ottawa’s nightlife is OK, I guess it’s terrific in comparison to smaller towns, but it’s not really rock and partying all the time. There’s lots of music and interesting things at night, and a few bigger performance venues for larger shows. However, if you can come for any of the various festivals such as Bluesfest, you will be in for a wonderful treat.

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This all depends on what time of year you are visiting. Toronto is amazing all year round… as is Montreal, in terms of nightlife. There is always something to do. Or maybe you want to be more specific – Jazz Festival in Montreal in June/July (can’t remmeber), Fringe Theatre Festival in Toronto first 2 weeks of July, the Calgary Stampede, the Olympics in Vancouver next year… just to name a few. Thers’s always something going on.
Toronto has about a million nightclubs open every night of the week and the summers here are incredible.

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And then there are always the Northern Lights, a cold six-pack of Labatt, and a warm friend.

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