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When defrosting food using an ovens 'Defrost fan' setting, how long should we allow and at what temperature should the oven be?

Asked by trickface (2346points) May 6th, 2009

We’re defrosting indian food for two, help us or we shall perish.

This is not a microwave oven and the food is in the ‘defrosting’ now at 150 degrees celsius.

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I don’t have a defrost fan setting on my oven, but you could defrost cooked food in a regular oven at about 250–300 degrees F. for about 20 to 30 minutes.

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Hmmm…it’s been an hour since you asked this. Are you now full of Indian food, or have you perished?

Sorry, I also do not have a defrost fan. I’d place the food in the fridge and go out to eat. Have the Indian food tomorrow once it’s defrosted. (Or, ask your neighbor if you can borrow their microwave.)

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A convection oven? 40 minutes. I just reread, 150 C is too hot, try 175 F.

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when you defrost there are too many variables to give one straight answer. It usually takes about five minutes to defrost a package of loose food, like rice or peas. It takes longer to defrost a solid food like chicken pieces or steak.

It also depends on what type of pan you are using. In a glass pan, it take longer than an aluminum pan would, and covered is faster than uncovered.

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