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Do you chew gum and are you annoying when chewing it?

Asked by chyna (45531points) May 6th, 2009

Are you a silent chewer, a gum smacker or gum popper? I was having a job performance review one time and my boss said “you’re a pretty girl, but you chew gum like a cow chewing its cud and it makes you unattractive.” I quit chewing shortly after.

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I go through a good pack in a couple of days. I’m a closed mouth chewer, though, so, it’s all good.

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I can’t remember the last time I had a piece of gum. Smackers are one of my biggest pet peeves.

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I’m chewing gum right now. Silently. It’s freshening my breath as I type.

If my boss said “you’re a pretty girl, but…” I would drop EEO on his ass so fast his dick would fall off.

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@Knotmyday I should have. I was pretty stunned about it.

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@Knotmyday My first good laugh of the day! :)

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On the other hand, @chyna, while your boss was crude and wrong to say what he did, the feedback wasn’t all that bad. You probably didn’t know the impression you were making. Most people who chew gum have no idea how others feel about it.

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I chew gum sometimes (minty sugarless gum) and I’m silent. It’s not something I really want to draw attention to.

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@skfinkel And that is why I quit chewing. I was obviously annoying him and most likely anybody else around me. But, when it was brought up, it did hurt my feelings. After reflecting on it, he actually went about it in a good way, but probably didn’t need to add the comment on my looks.

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I chew gum…silently.

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I very rarely chew gum, I had one piece yesterday…I think I had another sometime last year. When I was younger I chewed gum like a crazy person. As a kid I’d fall asleep with it and wake up with it in my hair, I’d stick it on my bedpost to ‘save it’ or in the freezer, because I liked how it changed the chewiness. It was gross. :)

When I do, I chew silently, except for the occasional bubble when I’m alone or being silly. I have epic popping skills.

Nowadays, I vastly prefer mints. :)

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I’m a popper and a bubble blower, but I do chew it with my mouth closed and unless I am blowing a bubble or popping, it is discreet. The trouble is I do those things without even realizing I’m doing it. So no, I don’t chew gum very often.

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I rarely chew gum. I fear cavities. I’m a quiet chewer.

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I do, but never, ever in public, and never popping or snapping. People who pop and snap their chewing gum bring me to the verge of an irrational murderous rage. I would rather listen to them babble inanely into their cellphones than pop gum. I’d rather watch them floss their teeth. In the workplace I think it is utterly and absolutely unacceptable to subject others to it.

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I chew gum a lot. Especially at work. I have to get close to people all the time and I’m worried about shit breath. I am a hypocrite tho…I will go nuts if I have to listen to someone smacking gum but I find myself chomping and cracking on mine sometimes. at least I’ll admit to being a hypocrite

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I chew Stride spearmint gum when I first get to work, I find it is very energizing. It also helps me concentrate if I’m working on something, or as a little boost when I’ve gone too long without eating and my blood sugar level starts to crash. I do chew quietly, although give me some grape hubba bubba and look out….

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I almost never chew gum, and on the rare occasions that I do, it’s in private and it’s purely for functional reasons – to get rid of a particularly strong food taste and freshen breath when a toothbrush isn’t to hand.

I find gum chewing rather repulsive – both in the appearance and sound that someone chewing gum makes. I also dislike the way it’s discarded so carelessly; I’m stick of seeing pavements littered with telltale black splodges from people too lazy to dispose of it correctly.

My housemate chews gum frequently – mouth hanging open, so I can hear every squeak of the gum, every squelch of the saliva, every noisy inhalation of air through the chewing… ugh. Absolutely repellent.

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I CANNOT STAND IT when people smack their gum. A girl I work with smacks it ALL day long to the point I can hear her salivating once it gets in her mouth. She sits right across from me so the noise is always headed straight to my ear. She doesn’t pop it continuously which is good but it’s gross, rude, and annoying to smack it in someone’s ear all day. I’m not a big gum person but when I DO decide to chew a piece of gum it’s because I’m trying to freshen my breath and I’m always quiet because I don’t want to be the person who complains about how annoying people can be with their gum and become one of those annoying people the second a piece of gum gets into my mouth

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I would have to say gum smackers are my all time, biggest pet peeve. My other peeves…I’ve learned to deal with

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People who chew gum cant hear themselves making a noise and do not realise it could be annoying for other people. I hate hearing people chew, and although I like to occasionally chew to freshen my mouth I try to make sure it is not around other people.

I have a colleague who sits opposite me at the office and he chews gum all day, Having a new piece once every so often, he obviously doesnt realise he is getting on my nerves with his chewing, Should I say something to him/the boss??

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You could say something in a joking manner such as, “hey Bob, I can hear you chewing gum clear over here” and hopefully open up a dialog where he says he didn’t know he was chewing so loud.

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@ArpitaBarua, i love the chew gum benefits….Thanks for remind me those…

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