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If the government were to cough up tax money for any ONE "feasible" thing what would you like to see it be?

Asked by FGS (1927points) May 6th, 2009

Just one thing, not a list. What is most important to you and why?

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A national high speed rail system.

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Raising educational standards.

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More scholarships for college students!!

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Affordable health care.

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I do not want them to spend on anything else. What I want them to do is CUT all the senseless spending.

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I agree with the high speed rail system…good answer.

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@Boots: Unlikely. Redheads make up 2% of the general population in the US. To have sexy redheads (plural) for everyone, we’d need at least two per person. We would have to drastically increase production of redheads. Red hair would depreciate rapidly and the underground redhead society would rise up against you.

Also, high speed rail/cheap mass transit.

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California passed an initiative in November to create a high speed rail system linking Northern to Southern California. It’s going to be many years until it is finished but it will be a glorious thing. Japan has had a bullet train for years. Why not the US? We should be all over this.

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@andrew That’s the key!!!!!! Not universal health care but affordable health care…Woot!!

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Okay- If they had the money and it was going to be spent regardless I would want the health care.

Beats having it go to another failing bank

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@FGS Sorry, I meant to say affordable, universal heatlh care.

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Am I the only one who thought Hookers?

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@westy81585 Hookers are ALWAYS welcome ;)

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If health care was affordable, it wouldn’t need to be universal…

I’m for either or… I have a cavity and no dental insurance so I’m in favor of whatever will get this damn tooth fixed.

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@westy81585 Okay…only sometimes….Kelly27 says so;)...

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Universal Health care

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Universal health care. Of the affordable variety.

We redheads are worth far more than government money. Hmph.

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Education, education, and education

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Sustainable Energy (education would be my second choice but you said one)

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