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What's a good website to find information on animals for kids under 10?

Asked by iamart (18points) May 6th, 2009

Any fun, easy to navigate and reliable websites out there? I am looking for a website where my 6 year old is unlikely to accidentally stumble upon inappropriate content, so Wikipedia is out.

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Sorry- thought you were asking about kid safe sites and said Webkinz.
I know that Ranger Rick is good.

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You might want to look around here!
They’ve got different categories too, and if you click around and explore I’m sure you’ll find something for her age group. :)

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@asmonet that is a wonderful site. How did you find it?

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Many zoo websites have lots of kid-friendly info. For example, the San Diego Zoo has an entire section just for kids, with a large section of animal profiles, games, etc.

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posting so i can bookmark asmo’s link at home!

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One of my cousins showed it to me when she was eight and I was over at her house. :)

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