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How do I know if this is legitimate?

Asked by blakemasnor (320points) May 7th, 2009

I have an opportunity to purchase two signed guitars. One is signed by the members of Led Zepplin and the other signed by members of the Rolling Stones. Both are appraised and come with certificates of appraisal. They are each appraised around $3,000. The seller is asking much less. They also come with certificates of authenticity. What should I look for to know if this is fradulent.

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I’d look for other items signed by the same people, see if the signatures look the same.

But then again, I’d not pay more for a guitar simply because some dude scribbled something on it.

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I would have it authenticated.

You are having a gut reaction telling you it could be a scam- Always listen to that gut feeling

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Rule of Thumb – if something looks too good to be true assume it is too good to be true.

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i’m not really sure…what would i do: get the names of certifying authenticity and check them out through the Better Business Bureau…

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Check other for sure signatures, request a history for the guitars that can be checked (aka numbers for past owners), check the reputation of the seller…. past that, not much you can do

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there are authenticators who will verify this kind stuff is legitimate. google appraisal and you’ll find useful links. if the seller balks at your obtaining your own appraisal, i’d walk. also, my thought is the guitars were never actually used by the bands. maybe autographed, but sounds to me like someone had a decent idea to obtain signatures and that’s what you may be buying,

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A Led Zeppelin guitar for less than 3 grand? Preposterous.

If you’re anywhere near Vegas, we have two “boutiques” that sell nothing but signed sports and entertainment industry props/items. They’re very helpful and won’t mind helping you determine the “reliability” of the appraiser.

On the other hand, a Peter Plant autograph from Zeppelin days goes for roughly 2 grand amongst collectors, so that price is reeeeeally ticking me off.

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There is no way a signed Led Zep guitar is being sold for $3000. Its a scam. No question about it. Walk away.

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and that’s Robert Plant of course, was thinking comics for some reason…

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I’ve always been skeptical of the certificate guaranteeing the authenticity of the signature. Unless there’s some ruling authority in charge of guaranteeing a signature is authentic, then anyone could make up a certificate claiming authenticity.

I think the only way of guaranteeing that a signature is authentic, is by your going to the person and having it signed personally. That’s part of the whole aesthetic of signed merchandise in the first place. I mean if I bought a guitar signed by Jimmy Page from an online vendor, where’s the connection with Jimmy Page at that point? If I had a guitar that Jimmy Page signed for me, in person, that’d mean so much that I would never sell it. There would be a story behind how I got Jimmy Page’s signature. Through ebay, there’s no such glorious story.

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I almost fell for the same scam… I wanted to buy a harmonica autographed by Steven Tyler. Waste of money.

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Did you see them on eBay by any chance? I got what I thought was a great deal on a piece of toast with a portrait of the Virgin Mary on it, but it turned out to be Deborah Kerr in her getup from Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison. What a friggin’ ripoff.

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