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How do you make the perfect cup tea in your opinion?

Asked by oratio (8920points) May 7th, 2009

I have broken my percolator in which I made great tea. Guess I will have to look for alternatives, or buy a new one. Bags won’t do.

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I have loose leaf Earl Grey green tea (good stuff) that I put in the coffee maker like it’s coffee. I run it through twice per serving and despite this, it doesn’t really lose much strength. A third time will tell you that it’s been used, though.

Surprisingly, this method works quite well.

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@boots How much tea and how much water do you use?

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Russian’s aka my girlfriend defiantly make the best tea, they drink it all the time and are obsessed with English tea! They do it by brewing a really strong pot of tea and I mean strong and then keep it during the day then pouring shots of this concentrated tea into a mug and topping up with hot water. No milk and no sugar often just a slice of lemon…I don’t even love tea but this is the only way I drink it and I kinda like it lol…

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@chyna I use 1/4 of a cup of tea and about 3 or so coffee cups worth of water (the marker on the coffee pot puts it at around 6.5).

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What’s wrong with bags? Have you tried a tea-ball? I love Mate Vana from Teavana. It’s almost chocolatey. Steep for 4 minutes or so… you may need to reheat. Touch of sugar- I don’t really like it sweet at all. In the evenings I like chamomile with the slightest touch of honey. (I use bags, but the ball will work, too). I am in love with green iced tea, but I’m assuming that’s not what you’re looking for.

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@boots : That’s a very cool method. I’ll have to dust off the coffee maker!

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I also recommend the Tea Ball!

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A perfect cup of tea? Well, first you pour out the tea and then fill the cup with coffee.
Tea, yechhh!

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@AstroChuck : Boooooooooooo! :)

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Take the tea bag out of the cup and put in a spoonful of coffee… enjoy!!

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oops just read the post thats similar to mine!! Well done Astrochuck I agree tea blurgh!!

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One teaspoon Mighty Leaf Earl Grey in the teaball on a stick contraption (it’s like tongs, but with a sealing ball instead of the grippers at the end). Steep exactly 4 minutes. Perfection. (A touch of cream and sugar usually.)

The best tea I have ever had. Seriously.

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