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What did you make of Kashkari on Charlie Rose?

Asked by kevbo (25672points) May 7th, 2009

I wasn’t sure what to think coming away from it, and I couldn’t tell if the interview was worth taking at face value, if Rose was genuinely digging into Kashkari, if Kashkari was bullshitting, and/or if the two of them were putting on a show for the rest of us.

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It’s good to know we have knowledgeable people who actually have the best interest of the American people in charge, but the there is no way his ideas can overcome their biggest problem, and that is the uncertainty principle. They are taking a huge risk on hope and hope alone. It’s barely one step up from wishful thinking.

When I hear tricky words like anti-deflation, (because they’re afraid of the word inflation) it raises a red flag. The whole thing is loosely based on the good will of the American financial system, and there isn’t much of that to go around.

I am cautiously optimistic, but I have read a lot about the plan, and I am not just going by this one sound bite.

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