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Why do people ask questions even though they already know the answer to it?

Asked by MrGV (4164points) May 7th, 2009

Self assurance?

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I think you know the answer to this.

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Sometimes to see if other people think the same way, sometimes to make themselves feel better or smarter (or harder, faster, or stronger, I suppose), sometimes to incite discussion, sometimes to just be an asshole. Regardless, if a good conversation comes of it, what’s the harm?

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Questions have many different approaches, and rarely have one answer etched in stone. Every person has a different take on it. The questions on fluther are specifically supposed to spark conversations, which is why we are limited to only two every few hours or so.

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I think either to hear people tell them they are right, or because they want to hear different opinions and views because you might be wrong, not entirely correct or lack the full picture.

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Your question made me immediately think of two bosses I’ve had in recent memory. Both of them would ask questions they knew the answers to, mainly as a tactic of condescension and shaming of the victim.

In other words, to make themselves feel superior while making the other person look and feel like an ass.

This is one thing I can’t stand, it drives me up the wall. I usually try to figure some way to avoid getting drawn into the b.s.

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Confirmation. Some people will even pick and choose answers that support their previously held beliefs, ignoring the others that do not. I could imagine a person doing it to dominate others (such as a drill master asking simple questions to elicit the YES answer).

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Sometimes it’s a good idea to challenge one’s assumptions.

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“Objection, your honor. Asked and answered.”

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