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The creators of CSSEdit have recently released a program called “Espresso” that is clearly in direct competition with Coda. Check it out here.

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(As an Espresso user, I’ll second that, but I would recommend you think of it as a nearly-beta – there are quite a number of features that are half-baked at this stage.)

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I do all my web work using eclipse and firebug but I’ve never used Coda so I don’t know how it compares.

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There are quite a few, I suggest Textmate or Textwrangler.

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@Breefield – Coda isn’t just a text editor though – as far as I’m aware Textmate and Textwrangler don’t have built in FTP clients.

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@Breefield While TextMate and to a (much) lesser extent TextWrangler do have features that make them very handy, they are not analogous to Coda. The idea behind Coda is to unite the armada of applications web developers use all the time into one window. No more switching between a text editor, the terminal, your web browser, and reference material, you can access them all from one application conveniently.

Right now the only competition for Coda, at least directly, is Espresso. As of right now, Espresso is 1.0, but it still pales in comparison to Coda. Most of the features haven’t made their way into the app, and many of those that have are boorish at best. The app shows a lot of promise and if CSSEdit is any indication, Espresso will mature very well and give Coda a run for its money.

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Great Answer there. I like Espresso though at the moment I find I have to use silly workarounds for some features that are buggy. One of the things I find most dire about it is the lack of communication from the developers – they barely even post on their own forums, and it seems to be driving users away. In these days of Twitter, GetSatisfaction, and a customer base dedicated enough to combine buglist threads on your own forum, that’s really quite poor.

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