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Why do people cheat in games esp the online side of them ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4397points) May 8th, 2009

Ok some people only cheat to get past a certain part they cant manage, or to get a newer car so they can win more points . It spoils the game for the others when you cheat online so why do it ? It also spoils the game for yourself if you cheat on and offline . I was just playing Mario Kart Wii online and the others i was playing against were clearly cheating . Finishing the lap in 20 seconds, everytime i overtook someone my race position never changed ( even tho i had not been lapped )

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Because some people think winning is the most important thing.

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Trust me, you don’t want to get me started on that one….

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I don’t care about people cheating in single player games and I do it myself sometimes, but cheating online is unforgivable. People do it so they can win without having to put forth the effort to actually win and be better than someone else at the game.

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Because almost everyone wants something for nothing.

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Cheating in a single player game is fun, especially when it lets you do really weird stuff like make all the enemy AI have huge heads.

But online, it sort of ruins the point of playing and screws up the experience for everyone. I enjoy that Xbox Live routinely bring down the ban hammer on cheaters, often preventing their console from ever playing on Xbox Live again.

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I don’t know. I am clueless about what the appeal is for them. When I play Battlefield 2142 and find a cheater, I enjoy doing my best to grief them out.

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Because cheaters don’t care about fairness. Also, some do it for the lulz of knowing that you, an innocent honest person, are being harassed needlessly.

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such cheating usually goes with a line like “pwned u l33t n00bzor!”

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Finding a glitch and use that takes some skill. I don’t like it but I kind of respect it. I am sure few agrees with that. But buying a hack from someone, downloading it and wreck the game for people, has no skill. No 1337 in there at all.

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Because they do not value hard work and fairness. They’d rather have everything handed to them.

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Because they dont like the game. There are also people that intentionally uses glitches or exploits to force the games makers to fix things faster. And there also those people called grievers that go out of their collective way to intentional ruin the game. Because there are times when people put their entire lifes work into a game and Griefers are the people that go around and show them how pointless it is.

Theres a good story about how in EVE a group of people spent over $3,000 dollars playing the game and bought one of the largest ships that physically obtainable in the game and a group of Griefers sent wave after wave of small crappy ships to ware down their shields and then swooped in and destroyed their life work. The spent hours minning constanly twenty four seven to get the credits necessary to buy that ship.

The moral is Its just a game.

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