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Is there a service that will recommend movies to me based on movies I like?

Asked by bodyhead (5525points) May 10th, 2009

You know, kinda like pandora does with music. Is there a service like this? I know netflix will recommend stuff based on stuff you like but I don’t have that service.

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lefteh's avatar does this based on your answers to a personality analysis questionnaire, but I don’t think it factors in movies that you already like.

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Ask Fluther. What movies do you like? List them here and then watch what happens.

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IMDB will sometimes suggest films (on the bottom of the page) which are similar to the film you’ve searched for.

Also, Netflix (if you have Netflix) will provide a similar service.

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This is likely exactly what you are looking for:

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Thanks for the recommendations guys. Stellar, that is most like what I’m looking for. Just to let you guys know I just googled “pandora for movies” and it came up with a digg post that linked to

I’ve signed up for the service and I’m trying to configure my profile to recommend movies now.

Gailcalled, typically I’d agree with you but my movie taste is private to me. I know that sounds crazy but I don’t want someone knowing too much about what I like. I’m crazy I know.

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@bodyhead “Muppets Take Manhattan” and “The Erotic Adventures of Z”? twist.

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eponymoushipster, Exactly. I feel like people wouldn’t take me seriously if they knew the type of movies I watch.

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@bodyhead i’d take you seriously if those were your two fav movies. i mean, i’d imagine you wanted to bang a puppet, but still, i’d take that seriously.

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“I’m Emmy. I use my extensive and growing knowledge to give recommendations and help you discover new music, movies and books, based on what you already like. Some call me a discovery engine or a recommendation system, but I prefer to simply be called TasteKid :)”

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