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Smoking "while" using nicotine lozenges?

Asked by soethe6 (537points) December 19th, 2007

Documents online say that it is dangerous to smoke while using nicotine lozenges. I’m planning to use them to cut down, esp. while at my parents’ place over the holidays, but ideally on a permanent basis. When they say it’s dangerous to smoke while using nicotine lozenges…does that mean that I shouldn’t have a cigarette while I’m sucking on a lozenge (or directly before or after)...or does it mean that, if I’m using lozenges a few times a day during a given week, I should not have any cigarettes at all at any time during that week? I think it’s the first, but maybe its the second…in which case I can’t use them b/c I’m not ready to quit completely?

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I think if you are gonna do both, just smoke for now. I am waiting until the holiday break myself.

The “cut back” thing really doesn’t work (I’ve tried), I don’t think it matters if you smoke while one is in your mouth or not; either way it isn’t good to get too much nicotine .

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Thanks for the answer, glial. A pharmacist basically said the same thing. Thought using lozenges would help keep me from getting crabby with the family, but maybe I should just learn to chill a little more.

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My experience, if they are around..I’m gonna smoke em’ ...lozenge or not. I am going to make a real effort next week…it’s tough.

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This product was actually designed for temporary not smoking although some people use it to quit. I don’t think you would get it in time for the holidays but thought you might like the info anyway.

Nicodrops is a lozenge with all natural ingredients. It helps to reduce the stress associated with not smoking**. Nicødrops is nicotine free.

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can i use lozenges between smoking. maybe thirty minutes after a smoke. or only smoke in the morning and use lozenges in the afternoon

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