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Someone have something that can cheer me up?

Asked by westy81585 (4316points) May 10th, 2009

I just had a really rough week of mid terms, labs, general concern that I’m not going to finish my last quarter of college, money issues, dog issues, and probably most importantly, girl issues. I won’t get into details as it’s all WAY too much to go into, but I am looking for something to cheer me up?

Anyone have something? Anything?

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Joel McHale isn’t going to quit The Soup just because he’s in a new sitcom (he’s in a new sitcom, btw). He’s gonna do both! win for us!

this site is pretty funny. ALF and TNG mashups? awesome.

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Well, I’m boring & not sending a site link, but I’ll just wish you a better week ahead, especially with the girl. That usually overshadows everything, so I hope things improve there for you.

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I’ll try, @westy81585. Here’s a list for you to choose from. You can have all of them if you like.

1. Recognize that your perceptions may be off.

The way you feel right now is colored by fatigue, anxiety, and various kinds of stress. Your coping mechanisms are a bit overstrained. Under those conditions you can’t really take a realistic assessment of things, and your judgment won’t be the best. Yes, you do have to continue to function in those conditions, but you must also remember, just as you might do if you’d been smoking a little or drinking a little, that your perceptions are off. (By the way, you probably don’t want to complicate things right now by doing much of those.) Things will look different to you by and by.

2. Look back, look forward.

—How far have you come?
—What challenges have you faced?
—How much have you already done that you didn’t think you could do?
—How much stronger are you now than when you began?
—By the time you have your next birthday, won’t school be behind you?
—What are you looking forward to after school? Moving out, taking a trip, starting a new phase of your life, earning money, starting a career? What comes next? Forget the scary parts for now, what are the exciting parts?

3. Get rid of something.

Among all the pressures and stressors that we can’t avoid or relieve, there is usually something we are doing that we have laid on ourselves and we don’t really have to do. Is there something you can do to lighten what you’re carrying?

4. Take a hike.

Yes, get out and do something physical—right now, today, if you can: play a little frisbee, go for a run with the dog, take a bike ride with the girlfriend, take your mom for a canoe ride, launch a kite, or just jog a mile out and back. That’ll get things moving and help clear out some of the muck that’s bogging you down.

It’s pretty hard to take care of a relationship through the intense phases of school. And relationship problems can make everything else seem worse—you can’t even focus your attention where you need to. Will it help to know that that is survivable and lots of people go through it? Hang in there, kiddo. It’ll be all right.

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Since everything goes bad, it cannot be worse than that.
This is consolation # 1.

Build over that, everything will necessarily improve from tomorrow.

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Bros before hoes, man…

Bros before hoes.

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A couple of mojitos will also help more than you could imagine.

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I like posting something to this fluther question every day. It is a very positive and uplifting thread.

You can also watch Jerry Springer and thank God that you are not a guest on the show.

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I nkow something that can cheer you up. Let’s see, you’re going to college, and haven’t dropped out of it. Even if you weren’t going to college, at least you aren’t in a third world country, and got SOME education. You’re living in the 21st century, which is pretty much the greatest. Think about it: you can get anything online now, any time. You have mobile phones and 24-hour grocery stores. Every single person who has a home and a computer and tons of other things are lucky. I mean just think about it, you’re living for a reason, here and now. Life really is good, even if you think life sucks. There are people who just waste their time by not living. So don’t fret about school and girls, just live your life. Really.

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Listen to ccbatx, you could have very well been born during the 14th Century and could be facing The Black Death, or being burned as a heretic by the church, or simply dying of a simple infection because there is no penecillin.

People nowadays don’t know how good they have it, compared to how things were just a few hundred years ago. It’s all about perspective. Cheer up, it could be MUCH worse.

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As tough as things are right now, think about how much tougher life would be if you were born without lips.

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Sometimes a hot bath, a good meal, and a night’s sleep will make things look a whole bunch better in the morning.

Perhaps the girl in question should do the same thing.

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Smile, you could be one of these guys

courtesy of essieness :)

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@TaoSan i thought i posted latfh on my twitter first?! ohwell

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you can dance, shout, punch ur punching bag and do whatever you want to do

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@earthrecycler I punched two holes in my door, but my knuckles are now bleeding so I shouldn’t again.

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oh you also can shout or thorw ur pillows on ur bed

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That might not make you as happy as it makes me, but I tried…

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@TitsMcGhee haha, if I were dating you or something that would make me happy… but glad to hear it anyways

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@westy81585: At least it merited a ‘haha’!

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At least you’re not Clucky!

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Good suggestions everyone, but I believe I have you all beat…


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Just relax… Everything will be fine, you will study your ass off and do well on your tests, you will keep talking to the girl, and everything will work out… You’re so close to the finish line, don’t give up now.. I know how you feel, so take consolation in the fact that you are not the only confused, lonely, and otherwise emotionally stressed person out there. Join the party, the company is great.

Go cuddle with your dog, you’re probably too hard on him :)

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@nromstadt1 haha, nah, i’m not too hard on him

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You are NOT the father.

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I understand how you feel westy but whenn im feeling like you i usually go to my friends Uncles Spa getaway. I go up there with one of my friends and just RELAX that usually cheers me up. Why dont you get like a weekend all by yourself and just relax and fix yourself so that you can meet someone nice. And dont stress yourself about problems that arent there. Also Meeting someone can lift your mood up so focus on that. When you start to like someone and leads to a relationship all your problems will suddenly have answers

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@Jeruba Have I mentioned how much of an amazing lady you are?

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Figure out how well you’re going to be; figure out your strengths. Don’t concentrate on your weaknesses. And I always drink coke when I feel bad.

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