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I doubt it, this came up in another thread.
No one really cares, as long as they do their job.

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It will probably have a big impact in the gay community. Historically, documentaries tend not to have a major long term impact on policy or world events. However, gay people vote too and when any one group of people pools their resources, big things are possible.

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It’d be nice to think so. F’ing hypocrites.

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I have not heard of it it, so it hasn’t had much impact yet. I gather that it is a gay movie or at least a movie with a gay theme or association?

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@DarkScribe Click on the red word “trailer” in the question details for more info.

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Thanks, I didn’t realise what that was. I am in Australia so unless it is a major studio release it might not get here. I’ll keep an eye out for it. I have a number of gay relatives and friends and would find it interesting.

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I imagine it’ll have slightly more impact than an online petition, which is to say, none.

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Probably no impact, but it would be nice if it did. Our society is just quick to move on to the next issue…and right now, the one issue is the economy.

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I would like to see this one, looks interesting.
I’d like to see it have an impact but generally people don’t take movies as truth even if they are documentaries. However it may have an impact in that it gets people talking about this issue. And that is a ripple. Hopefully someone will take it farther and create another one.

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They just mentioned the movie on The View, so I have a feeling a lot more people will now be interested. Sometimes when something is mentioned on a popular tv show it gains momentum.

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exposing hypocrites is always a good thing, and exposing perverse ones is an added bonus. these fakes were elected as conservatives and will likely be replaced by the genuine article, thus strengthening the effectiveness of the efforts in resisting the homosexual agenda. this film may have a very positive effect.

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@archer: What in the fuck…?

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The people who need to get a clue will not be the ones watching it. I’ve checked in Blockbuster a few times, and they don’t have it. Is it on DVD yet? I can never be sure here in the mid-south, it might just be that they are not going to have it where I live. I’ve been asking for the Valentino movie also to no avail.

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