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What is the prettiest city you've been to?

Asked by applegate (61points) May 12th, 2009
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And Quito had it’s charms when I lived there, but most wouldn’t agree it was ’pretty’.

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Heidelberg Germany. Absolutely beautiful.

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I visited a friend living in Victoria BC once and that was such a beautiful place to me.

However it is second place to Amsterdam.

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Mendocino, California

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Vancouver, British Columbia

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@eponymoushipster I will always think of you and Elvis when I think of Edinburgh.

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San Luis Obispo, California, USA.

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I should preface this by saying I have never travelled outside of the US, but the most beautiful city I’ve seen would be St. Augustine, FL. The history is amazing, the old part of the city is vastly interesting even to a non-history buff, and everything is sooooo clean.

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Vancouver, Canada

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Springfield, all of them

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@squirbel lurve. SLO is tied with Morro Bay for me.

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I haven’t got around very much, but i like Dresden in Germany.

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Cape Town South Africa

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Prague is nice, too.

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Louisville, Kentucky. I have friends in Cincinnati, and the highlight of visiting is always Loooooah-ville.

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Niagra on the lake, Canada (:

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The Bronx,pretty, in it’s own right.

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I love NY, Miami, Washington DC and Sydney, not necessarily in that order.

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Capitola, CA. The ocean is beautiful and the downtown area is so welcoming. Almost every time I go there is something happening. Capitola is a beautiful beach town that is always on my mind when I need to get away.

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Capitola is very nice, indeed. Great guacamole too.

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Today it is NYC where I am fluthering from a hotel boom overlooking the subway.

I have to say goodbye to this awesome city in a short day. Chances are this will be my last visit. My agent will be representing me here from
now on.

It is sad.

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