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Has anyone here ever written a Wikipedia page? Is it difficult?

Asked by Dog (25014points) May 13th, 2009

I have been researching the Fluther archives and am not seeing this question so here it is.

Has anyone ever written a Wikipedia page?
Was it difficult?
Did you run into any problems in the process?

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Yes, I wrote a fake page about myself.
No, not hard at all.
Yes, it was deleted an hour later.

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@phoenyx Was it deleted because it was fake or ?

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yup, I did it as a joke.

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I wrote one, and my friend edited it, and we went back and forth and did that, and when I went back to it all that we had done was gone=P

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I wrote an Uncyclopedia page about the town I live in. It was a LOT of fun.

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You have to establish your self over a period of time before you reach a level of trust where your work is not likely to be removed. I have been occasionally editing and filling stubs since shortly after Wiki started and it only in the last two or three years that all my work remains untouched.

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Lurve to all for the generous information. You have given me a great snapshot of how Wikipedia operates and what is required to become a contributer.

Many thanks!

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