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I pulled chicken out of the freezer Monday I can still use it today right?

Asked by SuperMouse (30845points) May 13th, 2009

They are boneless chicken breasts and I put them in the fridge to thaw. They are still good right?

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They should be fine. Depending on how thick they were, they may still be thawing even. Do the sniff test. Like eggs, it’s pretty easy to tell when chicken turns on you.

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Yes, you’re still good.
I asked this question some months ago and I went ahead with it. Mine was sitting in the refrigerator 2 days and it was tasty and didn’t give me salmonella.

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As long as it was refrigerated during that time it should still be safe. By my count, that is only two days. If it was a week or more, I would be concerned.

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I wouldn’t, but maybe I’m picky. As far as I know, you should cook defrosted meat straight away. However, there’s a difference between what we’re told (to cover shops legally) and what works… so maybe you’re okay.

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In the fridge, they’ll be more than fine. There’s no rule regarding defrosting and eating food straight away, I’ve done it plenty of times (read: all my life) to no ill effect.

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I agree with the general consensus. It is fine. Of course I do this all the time. Haven’t had a problem yet. I rarely remember to cook it the same day, lol.

Also when meat goes bad it has a noticeable smell.

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I read somewhere too lazy to goolgle right now that as long as you keep the temperature of your refrigerator at 65 or below then thawed meats should be good for a week.

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They should be fine. You can also use your own judgment in that if they are still pink with pale yellow fat and skin, and if they still smell fresh, then they are safe to cook and eat. However, if the flesh is gray or green and they emit a foulf odor then I would pitch them.

It could very well be that they still aren’t entirely thawed.

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When in doubt, do the smell test.
But, it sounds like they should be ok.

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They should be perfectly fine. But if not, let us know in the next few days when you are able. j/k

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Smell them. If it’s even a tiny bit questionable, I would chuck them.

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I would spray it down with 3 part peroxide and 1 part alcohol fine aerosol spray before consuming it-Bon Appetite.

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As long as it was a freezer and not a frizzer you should be fine.

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We had chicken burritos last night, it didn’t have any smell, was a perfect color and tasted great! Thanks for the input!

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for future reference, don’t try to refreeze chicken after it is thawed. That’s asking for food poisoning (frompersonal experience)

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