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What is the first move of dating?

Asked by mbubbles (166points) May 13th, 2009

Somebody else on fluther asked “What if the guy won’t make the first move?” or something like that. What I want to know is what the first move actually is. Don’t say flirting, cause I want the one after that (step completed). I really need help.

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Im a girl, though.
PLus I don’t know what the boob is.

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If you’re the girl, then TOUCH his knee or thigh WHILST you flirt. If he does NOTHING in response either he’s NOT into you that way or he’s not into girls!

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The first move is asking the other person out on a date.

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explain the romance of crime, and that leads pretty well into explaining why you have to inform your neighbors when you move in.

then cocktails.

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@SpatzieLover : Thanx. I’ll try
@qualitycontrol: sac?
Sorry, im new.

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@mbubbles you’re 15…DON’T listen to @qualitycontrol !!!!

Please think of FUN things to ask him to go do with you. Hike, mini-golf, a festival, rock-climbing, anything you can both enjoy and have a silly time at!

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Asking him out has always been a good start.

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At 15, I also must ask..DO your parents allow you to “date” yet? Because, the first move would be informing your parents that you’re “interested” in a boy at school.

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The first move can be a LOT of things. Asking the girl on a date, holding her hand, trying to kiss her, some other sexual attempt…. It’s kinda like making the first move in a game of chess if there weren’t any pawns on the board… there’s a whole list of things you could do.

If you’re that young, he very likely isn’t very experienced in making a first move. So give him some leeway, and STRONGLY hint that you like him (that hand on his thigh while talking thing, or stuff like that works well). He’s probably nervous.

It IS NOT bad for a girl to ask a guy out. In fact sometimes it’s appreciated.

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@qualitycontrol Are you saying second base is now first?

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If you have to ask that question then you are not mature enough to be dating.

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buy buy buy

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oh god, you’re 15?? Haha sorry for the dirty post, I thought you were older…don’t we have age requirements? Anyway, sorry…I feel dirty now…

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@qualitycontrol don’t worry about it.
i think all of these are good ideas. ill try them. thanks.

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Guys. Come on.
@SpatzieLover, I’m sorry but that’s just lame. She’s 15, not 12. If you’re parents aren’t letting you date at 15 there’s something wrong. You don’t have to ask for permission to be interested in someone. Later when it gets a bit more serious then introduce him I guess.
@basp, everyone has to start somewhere!
@qualitycontrol, yeahhh not the most fantastic suggestions but you didn’t know her age :P
@mbubbles, the one after flirting? I’d say asking out. A lot of girls I know expect the guy to do this, but I think that idealism is outdated and silly. If you like him, ask him out. Perhaps not out out, like boyfriend girlfriend, but ask him to go somewhere just the two of you, and see how he responds. If he’s up for it, woo! If you’re at a movie or something, the next step would be holding hands. If everything feels right, ask him out out. Like instead of “Will you go to the movies with me?” it’ll be “Will you go out with me?” which translates to “Will you be my boyfriend?”. Then I guess it moves on to first kiss whenever you’re ready. Don’t rush that though. Hope I’ve helped.

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Usually it’s a move to California. Unless you’re in California, in which case it’s a move to New York.

Well. It works for me!

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@shrubbery Maybe things are different where you live or in your religion…Here in the Midwest, it’s quite COMMON for girls & boys to not be allowed to “date” until 16.

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@shrubbery thank you soooo much! THat’s great advice.
@daloon hahaha. you’re hilarious. (no, seriously)

We agreed to go see an Orioles baseball game. We just don’t know when.

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@SpatzieLover, .....yeahhhh about that…
No problem, @mbubbles, good luck with everything, the baseball game sounds like a good idea :)

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What happen to a soda and two straws?

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@ChazMaz nice, ill try that, 2. I think that’s a little old, though. LIke what boyfriends and girlfriends do in movies and the go the diner near the girl’s house.

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The first move is to move. Nature will take care of the rest.

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Thanks these were a nice “review” for a 40 year old ;)
Great question Bubble.

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