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I like this guy and don't know what to do.

Asked by mbubbles (166points) May 12th, 2009

There is this guy in my school. He’s a year older, but we’re in the same grade, because I skipped 1st grade. I like him a lot and have since last year. What should i do? I put a letter in his locker saying that i liked him and he said he liked me back. I guess this should be enough since we went on a “date”. I want 2 keep our relationship moving. I’ve known him for 1 year and am positive I want 2 be with him. Please help!!

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well, frankly, i think the fact that you skipped first grade should really be put to the fore. I mean, that’s pretty damn impressive. Also, use of Prince-style writing is a big plus for the average junior high male.

i say it’s in the bag. let nature take it’s course, young one.

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thanks to both of you.

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Gosh I miss middle school (= Stop leaving notes in his locker and avoiding face to face conversation, Just talk to him, No more notes until after you guys are actually “together”.. Go out, Have fun!

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You know what? This is new to you, and it’s supposed to be a bit scary and uncertain. It’s that feeling that shows you that you really care about something. Enjoy it. It’s important. Please don’t ask for advice. Explore. Discover. Try not to be afraid to make mistakes that make you look foolish. Avoid mistakes that get you pregnant or that hurt you seriously.

Crushes, loves, friends… no one really knows how it works, and every piece of advice will be wrong becaue every situation is different. Trust yourself. You’ll do the best you can, and will do better than any of us can help you do. Just remember, this time of life only happens once. Us older folks would kill to be in your shoes. It may be scary, but it’s a good kind of scary. Enjoy it. You can even enjoy the hurt (if it happens—and it will, but I hope not for a while). It shows you care.

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how old are you? gosh I have to start reading these posts now, my daughter will be asking these questions before you know it.

It seems pretty obvious that he likes you, so whatever you do it doesn’t matter, you’ll be with him anyway. Just do what daloon said (especially the small letters).

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it never stops amazing me what good answers i get on Fluther. I should have come here years ago.

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Tell him…

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Hit him on the playground when he isn’t looking, then kick him near the swing bars.
Oh, wait. Are you not in 2nd grade anymore?
And really, congradulations on skipping 1st grade. Usually that requires being able to color in the lines real good; skills I did not possess.

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@filmfann: we don’t even go outside. and FYI: funny.

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