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Why does my left hand or right hand move involuntary when I move the opposite hand like to scratch, pick up something, or any other movement?

Asked by shaase47 (14points) May 13th, 2009

My father and I have this thing, no one knows the name of it. When we move one hands fingers or wrists, the opposite hand mimicks the same movements. Sometimes they cramp so bad it hurts. We cannot type normal, always hunt and pick to avoid jamming keys together. If we hold one hand down on the table and wiggle the opposite hands fingers, we can see the fingers and muscles of the other hand moving involuntary all the way up to our elbow. What is this called? One doctor said we are missing coding on our nerves that seperate the left hand from the right hand in the brain. How can I get information on it?

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It might be down to the Ideomotor effect, other than that I can’t help.

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Try as I might, I could find no information on this issue. Interesting situation you’ve got there, and I hope someone comes along who can help you!

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Hey i have the same thing and so does my brother. I get anoying cramps in my left hand when i write with my right. Let me know if you get anywhere with it cause i’m interested to find out too.

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Me too, but i am the only one in my family who has it. i searched for it on then net , didnt find anything about it.. it is very annoying especially if you are climbing a tree or holding something very heavy !! anyways if you guys find anything about it please share with me :)

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its called “hand mirror movement”, search it on the net and you will find lots of articles about it…

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I have this same thing. When I carry groceries in my right hand, my left hand and wrist mimics this movement and seems to bear the same weight. My grandma has this too. My grandma’s grandma had it. My fingers move when I write, brush teach, pretty much do anything. I have been looking up information on this for years and never was able to find anything.

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My daughter also has this. She is only 3 (almost 4!) and I often wonder if and how it may affect her as she grows. She also has other “ticks” like she shakes and kicks her legs a lot, and she has a really intense personality (adhd like) and I have often wondered if they are all connected. I feel as if she has a Neurological disorder that is causing all this to happen.

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@rogers7 & @shanm112 Welcome to Fluther! I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

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well shanm112.. i do the same exact things… im 15 and as long as you keep a positive additude about the whole hand things… it shouldnt effect her… the worse thing to do is to let others make her feel bad about it… the ticks in her legs i would say are from RLS restless leg syndrom… i got to the point where my legs would irritate me at night but its gone away now… and the personality… i wouldnt worry about… she sounds alot like me so im pretty sure she has a great future ahead…
wna08… you may think your the only one in your family… my mom has been great friends with her cousin for 29+years and just about 3 years ago she noticed it…

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I noticed this in my husband and had a good laugh about it. Now I have 4 children; 2 boys and 2 girls. Both of my girls have it. It is very strong in my youngest. It is funny to watch her color as both hands curl and go up and down at the same time. I wonder how it will affect her, but my husband does fine so I’m not too concerned.

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I have it too – you can type, though, just hover both hands over home row, and type with all fingers about a quarter of an inch above the keys – that way you are only actually striking the intended keys.

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i’ve got this too, and so does my dad, and grandpa—clearly hereditary! we call it “double action.” it hasn’t been a big deal in my life, other than that it was really difficult for me when i tried to take piano lessons as a kid: i couldn’t get doing one thing with one hand, and something else with the other one, at all. i’ve also noticed that it’s a bit easier for me to write with my left hand than it is for most right-handed people (though i wouldn’t call myself ambidextrous). opening a combination lock is a funny experience with this (the other hand starts twisting too)!

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I have this as well. I am 28 years old and my mom noticed I was doing this at the age of 2.

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I have this as well. I’m 40 now and have noticed that as I’ve gotten older it has faded a bit from when I was younger. My uncle and cousin both have this but I’m the only one in my immediate family who has it.

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