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Why do you wear white undies?

Asked by TROLL (378points) May 14th, 2009

It’s quite obvious that any amount of soiling is apparent in the gusset or the “yfront“area.

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They match my white bras.

And they’re washable. And I have bladder control…

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I don’t always. I vary every other day between white & beige sets, & depending on what I’m wearing, I wear black. There is no “soiling” going on here.

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Because that’s the color I happen to grab that day.

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Soiling? What soiling?

I do not have the the above so white is not an issue.
but colored underware is a lot more fun.

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Because I don’t. Print boxers are more fun, and better for your wedding tackle. Why Tighty Whiteys are bad

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To reenact the scene from Risky Business….?

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I don’t always, but I have several white ones. They are versatile.

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I wear them because my girlfriend likes to see my package :)

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I like to wear white only when Im about to get some Lovin’ because it looks good on my tan skin mostly in summer of course

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I don’t wear white ones. Maybe some ivory lace, but not white.

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I wear beige under white. Never white under white.

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Skid marks remind me to wipe this time.

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Uh, I don’t soil my underwear.

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Well, I would think that the reason they are white is so you can see if they are soiled. If they are discolored it is time for a clean pair. That would be a logical look.

Otherwise, I just like looking like I am wearing a giant diaper.

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I have started to save money by turning my undercrackers inside out for day two and a fresh pair on day three…so on and so forth.

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because i can buy 100 white for 1$ and its 3$ for the blue!

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@TROLL Lordy…I’m glad I don’t do your laundry!!! well, I don’t think I would You & your undercrackers are on your own, LOL!

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I don’t think I own a pair of white unders. I always buy the flowery, polka dotted, striped ones, they suit my personality better. My husband put on a pair of tightie whities one time and I laughed so hard I nearly pee’d. He usually wears boxers with some character on them.

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Wow! This conversation just took a turn for the worst. I am now bowing out. lol.

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@spresto Oh, no you’re not! You’re going to suffer right along with the rest of us!!! You’re the one who brought diapers in on it. Now THAT’S a scary visual!!

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White gives a nice impression of cleanliness that the blues and pinks and dotteds can’t. What if your violet panties’ dye ran and got all up in your tootie?

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undies? we don’t need no stinkin’ undies.

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Uh, no, not stinkin’ ones. I agree with that.

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susanc said “tootie.” Hee hee

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@susanc, Would give you a violent violet tootie?~

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@Yetanotheruser, “violent” and “tootie” should not be used in the same thought.

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@susanc it was a typo, and I decided to strikeout rather than delete; I guess I really struck out on that one, no offense or insensitivity intended

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“Attack of the Tootie!”

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It’s probably a common color because white underwear (and t-shirts and socks) can be bleached without fading. Obviously, these are the dirtiest and most germ-infested pieces of clothing for most people.

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I only do if they’re cute… and honestly that’s my reasoning for most of the different colored underwear I wear.

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@Yetanotheruser: And I was sorta joking, so let’s be friends again, okay?

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@susanc I never stopped being friends. I gotta stay friends with anyone who would let me joke about her tootie!

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