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How can I get rid of Apple Bonjour software that won't uninstall!

Asked by macgeek61 (11points) May 14th, 2009
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Are you on Windows or a Mac? Your username and topic makes it hard to figure out.

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following on ryan, if you’re on a mac, you can’t, if you’re on windows, just use the software add/remove thing from the configuration panel

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Iwamoto is right. On a Mac it is so deep into the system removing it would break so much stuff. It would be a nightmare.

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Sorry..I have both Macs and Windows laptop..this is on a Win XP Desktop.
For the life of me it won’t let me uninstall old copy, like I “sold my soul to the devil” I want to upgrade iTunes, and it stops halfway and says I have an old copy of Bonjour on there that it won’t replace. I have tried MANY times to uninstall from control panel. I get the Windows Installer box that says “The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable”. then it says Use source but it’s not there. YUK

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I had this once, I’m on Win XP and I got rid of Bonjour via the add/remove programs function (cos I had no idea what it did) when I came to upgrade my iTunes it stalled on my. I basically removed iTunes and then installed the latest version from scratch and Bonjour just sits there again?

can anyone explain to me WTF is Bonjour?

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Bonjour is a zero config networking thing. In iTunes it allows you to share your music with any computer on your network without setting up any network stuff, you just turn it on and it works.

That is really all it does. But it digs a little deeper into the OS the iTunes needs to so it is a separate service. Pretty much harmless.

Unless it fucks up the install of iTunes.

But it is pretty much Zeroconf done by Apple.

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Thanks for that explanation, reminds me of something I need to ask!

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I have this same problem. I try to install newest iTunes and it says that it has an error with bonjour.

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I use Revo Uninstaller on my PC. It is very thorough. Don’t know about Mac but there must be something similar.

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