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Did Neil Armstrong really land on moon in 1969?

Asked by prasad (3849points) May 16th, 2009

Many of my friends tell me it wasn’t real, they just recorded the video on earth somewhere and showed it to the world. They did so because at that time, Russia succeeded first in 1969 to land (unmanned) on moon, and US didn’t like to stay back in competition (also cold war was goin on then).

I don’t know the truth, but I wonder if they succeeded to land on moon back in 1969, with the technology of that time, why then no man stepped on moon after then? and with technology that is now quite advanced as compared to that in 1969?

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There are a lot of discrepancies with the video footage and the logistics, but they still insist that it was real. I don’t think that it matters any longer. It is probably as real at the alien autopsy.

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I don’t think there are any good reasons to question that. Heh, I wonder how it feels for the people who worked so hard, and put years of their lives into the project, for that to happen and to hear people say that none of it ever happened.

I wouldn’t put it past the US government to come up with something like that, but it’s to easy to prove it happened. Scientists all over the world has had samples of test data, moon dust to work with, and I am sure it would have leaked sooner or later from one of the many ‘nauts that has been there.

They had the technology to do it, and we sure do now. Like @DarkScribe says, it doesn’t really matter anymore, but it was quite doable. Sure, the soviets were ahead of the US in the space race. Reaching the moon was kind of the end line. The russians created MIR instead, and now we have the wonderful ISS that belongs to us all. Kind of

I guess the chinese can set us straight soon.

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Yes, he did. If he didn’t, and everything was staged, you can bet your life on it that the Soviet Union would not have hesitated to expose the fraud, and they woud have known if it was faked, as they had spies everywhere.

All hail Mother Russia!

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Also, how can you doubt that they succeeded, when the programme was headed by a German and was powered by German technological ingenuity?
How dare you doubt the Fatherland?

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Watch In the Shadow of the Moon. Then try and tell me those men are making it up.

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@ragingloli You seem to have Mommy and Daddy issues. Sure, Mommy and Daddy were fighting, and then Mommy won, and took half of everything Daddy had. But it’s ok! She had to give it back.

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This is what Wikipedia has got on moon landing.
NASA clarifies on The Great Moon Hoax

I googled it too. There’s a lot of confusion.

I agree with @DarkScribe that it doesn’t matter any longer.
But, still can anyone answer what happened from 1972 till now? Why no one visited moon in last 37 years?
I thought of scarcity of other resources than men like fuel, materials, money, etc. could be the reason for not having any moon trip.

@oratio, @ragingloli, @shrubbery
I don’t want to doubt anybody, but would like to know instead what flutherites have got to say.
Thanks all!

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@prasad There simply is no point of going back there. There is nothing atm that justifies such an expensive endeavor. We have been there and we have poked and prodded what we need to, and from scientific viewpoint, that’s that.

That the chinese wants to go there is only because they want to show themselves as equals to russia and the US. That’s political.

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I don’t know…....

That landscape on those moon pics they published looks an awful lot like my desert backyard here in Vegas :)

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Yes. People on earth watched them doing it. With telescopes.

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Yes. The astronauts placed at least three retroreflectors on the moon’s surface during their missions. (Maybe missions 11, 14, 15? – Don’t remember.) The retros are still there and can be hit with earth based lasers for accurate time of flight distance measurements. (You can try it yourself with a big enough laser.)
There was a very good show on Mythbusters about this subject. Check it out.
Rest easy. It happened. Go to the Smithsonian and touch a moon rock.
To answer your question about what has happened since go to the NASA site. there are hundreds of missions, Space shuttle, Mars Pathfinders, Hubble, Spitzer, COBE, ISS, ... too many to remember. Go look it up.
There are thousands of satellites in low earth orbit, high earth orbit , eccentric, halo geosyncronous, etc. The TV show you just watched was most likely bounced off one of them. NASA simply changed it’s focus to other areas that had a bigger research payback on the money spent. .

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We haven’t gone to the moon in so long cuz it’s a massive waste of resources (it’s not like there’s gold or something up there).

If you’ve got a powerful enough telescope you can still find the flag they left on the surface.

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Simple answer is no . Lets hope the do go to the lunar surface in the year 2020 tho

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I do not believe it happened. That is simply my opinion and I won’t change it. But like Darkscribe says, it no longer matters.

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I agree with @westy81585 – it was way too expensive.

I believe the photographic inconsistencies were due to asking test pilots to be experts at photography and videography in addition to science. There were gaps in the footage due to equipment glitches and astronauts forgetting to film a scene. When NASA tried to piece together a story, there were gaps, so they patched in footage from other locations. Helped continuity, but there were odd details that did not go with the story. Just my 2 cents.

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A question for the doubters – If it was a cover up how did the American government convince the Soviets to keep quiet about it?

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Yes he did. We have visited the moon.

India’s space program recently verified the existence of the equipment on the Moon. If you don’t believe two independent countries, not to mention thousands of pieces of evidence, then so be it but you are 100% wrong.

It’s simply that people who believe in silly conspires like this do not listen to reason nor proof. They will make up any reason to discredit it. I choose not to engage in discussions with these people as it’s a waste of time talking to them and I gain nothing at all in return.

The reason people have not returned to the Moon is that there is no real need to go there again. NASA has put their money towards much more rewarding items such as the space telescope and rovers on Mars. Perhaps we will colonize the moon eventually in testing for colonization on Mars, but until then there is simply no need to go to the Moon.

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@dynamicduo I agree. Though I believe it’s even more futile to create a moon base. There is nothing you can do on the moon you can’t do in the ISS, and then you wont have the problems with landing and taking off. The only win would be the small gravity.

Maybe sometime in the future as you say, when we have another technology for space flight.

China’s plan to build a moon base remains to be seen in practice. Why not? It could be fun. Hardly practical though, and less interesting than a space station. It would be cool though.

Man, this was meant to be a short comment

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Yes, it happened. I watched it live on TV and my uncle watched it by telescope. And Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are absolutely convinced they went there, and Michael Collins is still a bit sad that he had to stay in orbit.

NASA is funded by government money and so responds to government desires. Government decided the international space station would be more cost effective and politically expedient than continuing to go to the moon.

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I’m not 100% convinced that it did happen, I’d like to turn a powerful telescope on the moon and see the equipment there for myself.

In regards to today though, the moon would be a great place for a base of operations for other missions. If we want to send manned missions to Mars then being able to refuel and resupply at the moon would be a great asset.

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I am truly amazed by the doubters. No matter what they see, no matter what data, no matter what experiments are run they don’t see it. After presenting data there really is no point to try to convince them otherwise. This reminds me of Holocaust doubters and religious fanatics. (I’ll leave that comment general to avoid a flood of criticism.) It’s best to just walk away.
Meanwhile, I’ll pop the retros with a 1MW chirp and time the 3 sec return. I give it 2 to 3 more years before home amateurs will be able to image some of the equipment left behind by using top end scopes and stacking software. I have a 6” Newtonian and can resolve 2km on the moon with my old Nikon Coolpix 990 and Registax running 4 deep. My scope is old. 1976. The new stuff is much better – and what do you think NASA’s, Russia, China, EU have? Oh puhleeze.
The world is flat too. Just look outside your window.
This is an old article 2007. It mentions the Hubble (15 year old technology about to be mothballed) has a resolution of 60 meters. They mention the retroreflectors too. Give it a try.

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Wow. Just “wow”.

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@chyna: “I won’t change my opinion no matter what the facts say”—how’s that working for you?

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It works.

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Why doesn’t it matter any longer?

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More opinions of Flutherites here.

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yes he did the did that on mythbusters

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If you have doubts or are curious about an alt explanation, this is totally fascinating. I was mostly on board with the Hoagland stuff until I read this.

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To build on what lightlyseared wrote: do you honestly think the US government is squared away enough to build a conspiracy that large (“let’s convince people we really did land on the moon”) without leaking the fact that it was all just a hoax? If so, I think you give them way too much credit. I must say I really enjoyed the movie, “Capricorn One,” but I have no doubt we expended all the resources it took to put twelve men on the moon. As to whether or not we should go back, what if Leif Erikson and Christopher Columbus never went back to the New World? We might still believe the Earth was flat and the center of the universe, and the United States would likely still be a bunch of disunited tribes of Native Americans.

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