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Why aren't my questions going through?

Asked by Awesomeness (22points) May 16th, 2009 from iPhone

Why aren’t my questions going through?

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And how do you delete them?

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I know I’ve posted one too trough the new Fluther app and it didn’t show up:(

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This one did.

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… maybe fluther is on it’s siesta :)

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Yeah, response ones go through, at least for me but when I tried to post a question it didn’t record it after hitting send, I did it few minutes back by the way.

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What do you mean by response ones?

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The answer ones like the one I write right now to ya.

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I’ll try posting a Q again see what happens now, maybe it was just a short glitch or something.

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…still after second try it won’t post my question :(

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What cprevite was saying is that this question went through, so something is working right.

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Is there any way to delete questions?

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@Awesomeness You can flag your own question and ask it to be deleted, I’m sure the mods would comply.

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You can not delete your own questions. You may ask a mod via flagging your question and they might delete it but are under no obligation to do so.

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Thank you everyone for answering!

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[mod says] Check your email to see if you’ve received notification that your questions were removed and sent back to you for editing.

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