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Is there a way to see Google search results as they would appear in China?

Asked by artificialard (2273points) May 16th, 2009

I’m in Canada but I’m wondering if there’s a way to see how certain searches are different as they’re censored in China… I tried going to but I don’t think I’m seeing filtered results.

i.e. A Google search for tiananmen square shouldn’t show a Wikipedia result…

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it might work to go to, but of course it’s in chinese.. and also i don’t know for sure if the results would be filtered over here the same way that they would be there, as it may be that the results are filtered when the search goes through china’s national proxy servers, or whatnot.

not sure, entirely.

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Maybe call a hotel in China and ask them what is censored when using their Google . LOL
Just kidding censorship shouldn’t be taken lightly, I know , I used to live in Soviet communist controlled Poland.

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There’s a plugin for firefox, called..china channel and it’ll do what you want to achieve so….have fun

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Try and find a proxy server in China and you get the results you desire.

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@iwamoto Thanks! The plugin actually automates @bkto’s suggestion where it automatically finds and sets a Chinese proxy when activated. There’s more information on that page if anyone’s interested. I have some Canadian friends that are completely bewildered when I try to explain it to them:

So in China where I’m from we can’t actually see the internet unrestricted.

You mean there’s no Google there?

No there is, but content that’s deemed to threaten the government regime is completely blocked from viewing.

Why don’t they use Google then?

Man you’re lucky I’m not a Chinese police officer.

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You should also try baidu ( This is China’s number 1 search engine.

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