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Who has used the new "Google Chrome" internet browser? What are the advantages? Disadvantages?

Asked by BCarlyle (392points) May 22nd, 2009

I just installed it yesterday. I don’t really know if I like it better than Firefox or Microsoft’s Explorer. I’ve become a huge fan of the google search enging, gmail, google documents, google calandar and whatnot, but the browser is new for me.

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Well, it’s not all that new. Currently it’s the fastest browser and there are advantages to isolating tabs. However, I still use firefox for the addons.

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I like it. The spell check is not very good, though.

I’m on it right now!

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It is perfect for running an application on like or It is really Safari repackaged. – Advantage and disadvantage – Lots of open viewing space with no buttons.

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I agree fully with @Ivan. I like it very much, but won’t migrate until there are some good add-on’s on it. If there will be.

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Thanks for the responses! I didn’t realize it has been out for a while.

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The main disadvantage for me is the fact that you can’t change the Japanese font. That doesn’t matter to most people. The scrolling also bothers me; it’s too fast and you can’t change it. Other than that, not much. I don’t really use Firefox add-ons. Still, I use Firefox as my primary browser because of those two reasons I mentioned.

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I used it before, but missed the add ons that Firefox offers. It was sleek and nice though. I’m currently using Flock and I love it.

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@essieness The FF add-on’s are portable to Flock? What’s it with flock that you love?

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I like it. It’s very minimal.

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@oratio The ones I use, yes. But I don’t use a whole lot of them. I like Flock for the social networking feature. It has a sidebar that keeps me logged in to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube, and Digg. It also keeps me logged in to my email. I just really enjoy all the shortcuts.

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its a fast, lightweight browser but i like firefox for the different apps and such

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No mac version :(

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Ever since i went back to XP from ubuntu its been my go to browser. I really like how minimal the browser is so you can see a LOT more of the page your viewing vs FF or IE for example. It is also a lot faster IMO to the other browsers. Another thing i really like is the default homepage how it shows your last closed tabs and most visited pages(yes im aware you can have a plugin for FF to do this). But probably the most handy thing ive noticed in Chrome is when you start to type in a websites name in the address bar it will not only auto-fill it for you like other browsers but if its a searchable site and you hit tab it allows you to type in your search query before even loading the page. So i can type for instance “Flu”(which autofils to fluter) hit tab and type frizzer and then when i hit enter i get all these lovely results. Such a time saver.

Only real downsides ive noticed thus far is no plugins (its still new so ill be waiting for them) and if i have a lot of tabs open Flash will occasionally crash on me. This isnt really a big deal since i just say yes close it and then you just have to reload the page with flash.

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All of the things you listed can be done with Firefox :)

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@Ivan really? I didnt know of the tab search thing with firefox. I must have missed it. And besides, i cant make firefox faster :P

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@uberbatman Yeah, I use the URL bar for searching in Firefox too. I use the built in keyword search feature. And I cut away everything in the interface to make it clearer. Very lean. Also moved the tabs to the bottom of the screen. But I like Chrome. I just want some add-on’s for it.

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Well, there is an addon that allows you to add more search engines to the search bar. With it, you can just right click in Fluther’s search bar and click ‘add to search bar.’ This is essentially the same thing as you describe. But yes, Firefox is noticeably slower. (There are addons to make it faster, too, but they are hit or miss)

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@Ivan ohhh your talking about that, yeaaa i dont really like that. I like how chrome just auto realizes that its a searchable site.


@oratio yea, i know i could do all that if i really wanted to, but im fucking lazy lol. But yea, we needs some add ons already.

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Can’t live without my Firefox apps so I don’t use it all that often.

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it has three advantages, but the biggest is this: it’s unhackable. it was the only browser that didn’t fall at this year’s hacker convention, and it really cannot because it uses a series of sandboxes so that, even if one part of it got hijacked by a nastie, it would be contained. this also lets you keep browsing—with no loss of speed no matter how many hrs you’re on it—if something goes wrong in one part. also, it’s fairly easy to “zoom” page text for readability if you need it. i’ve used every major browser this year, on several machines, and chrome is my top choice (firefox my second, but i’m new to firefox). little known fact: chrome supports greasemonkey scripts, and there are also bookmarklets that work in chrome, so you can add some stuff as you can with firefox. on the pc i’m sharing right now, we have ie 6 and 7, firefox 3, and the latest safari. i also highly recommend this stellar browser: cooliris (via firefox). it’s absolutely stunning visually and it’s like lightning. nothing compares to it. but it’s not an all-purpose thing, just excellent for video, images, and even the photos on your own hard drive.

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I’ve finally fully migrated to Chrome. I just recently finally clicked the “Use as default web browser” option for Chrome. I love the large webspace and speed, as well as the autofill search bar. I actually use the separating tabs quite a bit and love the most visited page.

I do miss FlashGot and DownloadHelper sometimes, but I didn’t use them terribly often anyway.

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@Shuttle128 Yeah, I’ll probably join you in that soon.

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chrome is def my favorite, tho i’m finally about to replace my laptop that got stolen this winter. macbook! so i’ll be using safari (and firefox) till they finish porting chrome to mac. really, i love chrome. i wanted to use it when i first read about it, and no disappointments there.

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I thought I’d never change from firefox, but I’ve made the switch to chrome. Much, much, much, much faster than firefox. Good compatibility. It is lacking in addons, but to be honest, I don’t really use them all too often anyway. Lightning fast, highly reccomended. And as @iquanyin said, it is super secure. Gets my thumbs up.

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Pro: Fast, and one of the best browsers around.

Con: Sometimes the loading of certain websites hang.

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