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Where would be a nice but cheap place to go for an over night stay?

Asked by eeyore200343 (175points) May 17th, 2009

ok so today my boyfriend said pick any place you want to go. he has just got a new car so he wants to go for somewhere that is 2–3 hours away. i live in manchester but i dont know where i could go. just to stay in a travel lodge cheap but nice. plus he wants to go over the bank holiday so might be a bit difficult to find a room.

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Judging from ‘bank holiday’ and ‘Manchester’ are you living in the UK?

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Find a bed&breakfast

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3 hours drive in bank holiday traffic might only get you as far as Salford.

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I’ve always used this site when backpacking and never without so much of smidge of a problem anywhere in the world I’ve booked, and its not just hostels there are pretty nice hotels on there too, you can search any city in the world and there were loads around Manchester

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