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Will we be reading newspapers only online in 5,10, 15 orhow many years?

Asked by dannyc (5228points) May 17th, 2009

I am a bit of a dinosaur in some ways, but recently I have succumbed to kicking one of my oldest habits, reading a paper-based newspaper. I read 5 papers online only, participate in the comments, and devour them in a different way whilst sitting on my couch in front of a Macbook Pro, As a person in the graphics business, I wonder what the future holds.

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Never. There will always be an interest in physical books. We still have wooden furniture and live in mortar based houses when there are faster, better and less expensive options. Look at the popularity of the electronic paper based Sony readers and the many emulators.

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Well, I would consider reading on a Sony reader, not a “paper”, but electrical charges on a screen..exactly the point of my is not well, a paper…no ink/trees felled, etc…

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@dannyc The point is that people are traditionalists in many cases. I can see a time when newspapers are like a larger more robust version of those readers. I can’t see a time when you can only read news on a computer. They have already perfected fully flexible versions of those screens. As for books, I have two degree related to IT, am as close to a girl geek as you will find and I still collect books. I much prefer reading them.

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Books are the only traditional media I consume. Everything else (news, television, radio, movies, etc.) I get from online sources. I’ve already fully embraced the internet.

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Once this generation dominates the consumer market there will be no newspapers.

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i do that now already.

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There is only one major newspaper that covers my area of Kansas and it is going in the crapper fast. It’s kind of sad to think about not getting a newspaper every morning. I like to read the headlines which usually aren’t much around here and do the crossword.

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Much to my dismay, the internet IS the newspaper of the future. Will it replace books? maybe someday but not in my lifetime.

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I’m getting a newspaper delivered to my door every day for as long as I can find one that will deliver a paper to my door every day. I don’t care what anyone else does… well, except that if no one else reads an actual paper news paper, they won’t publish them any more.

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What’s a newspaper?

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@Mamradpivo “What’s a newspaper?”

It is a cellulose based imitation of a computer.

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I don’t understand why embracing modern technology can be such a negative experience. I look forward to checking my email in the morning more than I ever have waiting for a product from the UPS.

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I find it interesting that when it comes to portable technology it is girls who seem to make the most use of it. Girls internet and phone bills are much higher than most guys. You hardly ever see a girl without a phone or PIM in her hand. I text much more than any of the males in my family or at work. Even my mother texts and calls more than my father or brothers. I use Viigo for constant updates on most things. It will even monitor a thread on here.

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It sure would save a lot of trees rather than turning them into paper for said newspapers. Imagine how much more oxygen could be produced by those trees that were spared from the lumber and paper mills.

If I had it my way, I’d have all newspapers, magazines, periodicals, etc. only available online starting tomorrow.

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I have pretty much given up on papers. And 4 years ago I had a subscription. Now I get everything on the go on my iPod Touch. It seems senseless to use paper anymore.

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The next generation of the Kindles will bring this closer to reality. I think there will always be a place for paper reproductions (either practical or nostalgic), but as technology becomes stronger and easier for us to use, people will shift towards a digital approach. It simply has so many benefits compared to the fixed print medium (searchability, updatability, the whole no additional weight thing is also nice) that within a few generations I’d be surprised to see it not commonly adopted.

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