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Which population is declining most rapidly, sparrows or haddock?

Asked by timdifford (38points) May 18th, 2009 from iPhone

This question flummoxed Wolfram Alpha live on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning. A set text for search engines?

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African or European sp— Dammit, that’s swallows.

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Sparrows. The haddock population hit a low in 1995, but is currently rebounding, while sparrows are on a steady decline.

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The house sparrows around here are being extremely fruitful and multiplying. Of course they are really not sparrows. The more interesting ones do seem to be disappearing, along with many of the warblers that I used to see and hear regularly. And the bobolink and Eastern meadowlark..however I have seen a resurgence of the eastern bluebird. He is a handsome fellow.

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Which species of sparrow? That would be important to know, as there are dozens- some doing well, some endangered.

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Thanks all!! There are no more details re actual species… the question is as bald as it was when given by the presenters on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. Even so, you’ve all done better than Wolfram|Alpha #wolframalpha

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