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Is there anyway I could get a free stepometer/ pedometer?

Asked by hiiiiiiii (121points) May 18th, 2009

Are there any freebie websites or any program by the government to get one? (I live in the UK)

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If you want to look up stuff for a given walk that you could point out on a map afterwards or before leaving, google yields this.

If you’re looking for a device that you can take with you, you’re probably better off looking for a place to buy it instead. If people give it away, it can’t be very expensive. And if it’s expensive, you’re not going to find anyone giving it away.

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I got one free when I joined AARP. But I doubt you’re old enough to join!!!

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Nothing is ever FREE , if you have to buy cereal < that costs money .
If you want one from anywhere you have to pay or signup to SPAM Go buy one they don’t cost much if you have been good ask Santa Claus for one or even the pedometer fairy

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I joined AARP and I got only a magazine and newsletter. Where’s my pedometer?

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A friend got a free one at McDonald’s not that long ago. I don’t know if they’re still running the promo or if they even did it in the UK, but it’s possible.

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That promo was in the uk a few years back Those peds were weak mine stopped working and didnt really know what i was doing

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@sandystrachan Exactly. The freebies are pretty much useless. If you are wanting a good one, you will have to buy it.

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