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What do you like about Bass Pro Shops?

Asked by Fred931 (9414points) May 18th, 2009 from iPhone

Is it the biggest store you’ve ever been in? Is your closet larger? Do you ever buy anything there? Have you not even dared to go in? Do you live near one?

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Were I to buy fishing equipment, I’d go to a local sporting goods store. I’ve never seen in one but if a Bass Pro Shop is like other Pro Shops, it’s just very overpriced merchandise.

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I love the outdoor theme and I am a tomboy so i like looking around

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Oh it’s a chain… we don’t have those around here.
I’d go if there was.

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I like that they have a gift area I can look in and a fish tank to hang out at with my daughter while my husband spends forever browsing around. We don’t live near one, so we only go when we are out of town which means the whole family has to go. Blah.

I wish they had a little snack bar

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I like that they don’t have one near me.

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@supacase ours has an entire restaurant, even though the food is horrible.

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We were just blessed (hah!) with a Bass Pro Shop in Mobile, Al. It’s less like a retail business and more like a theme park for the good ‘ol boys of AL. I’m pretty sure there were some very upset family members when their relatives decided to be at BPS the second they opened the door instead of attending said loved one’s wedding or the birth of their own child! I have been in, but decided it’s in my best interest never to return or else I will have to immediately move out of the South.

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All of the hot ass.

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Blondesjon, hot ass or did you mean hot mess!

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There is many things to do. You can play shooting games find almost all your outdoor items it’s great for kids seeing fish in tanks can keeps them busy while you shop

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…not a single thing.

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Nice place to go dreaming and to get ideas but unless you want to spend a little more than needed, shop else where, even on ebay.

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I fish all the time. I don’t like Bass Proshop. Maybe the trout fishing demo is cool. I hate it. It reminds me of Wal-Mart. I would rather support my local Hunting/Fishing/Baitshop. Dan’s Outdoors. Those guys at my spot know so much more about the local fishing and hunting scene than Bass Proshop. Everytime I go in there its like I am their best buddy. Not so at Bass Proshop or Wal-Mart sporting section.

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That when I went to the mall with my dad as a teen, that store kept him occupied for hours instead of uncomfortably shifting his weight, and asking if I was ready to go home, while I tried on fifteen different pairs of strappy sandals. ;-)

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I like that they were Dale Jr sponsors in the good ole days when he was with Budweiser.

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I like the live ducks and when they do the fish feeding. I also like the shooting game, even though I really hate camping, fishing, guns and generally being outside.

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