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Which is worse, bulimia and anorexia or obesity?

Asked by justwannaknow (1369points) May 18th, 2009

Which is more dangerous to your health, having something such as bulimia and anorexia or being obese.

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The worse of all these disorders is the judgement people feel towards those with these afflictions instead of compassion, scorn and help. It accelerates the diseases.

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They all seem pretty shitty to me. Anorexia and bulimia kill you a lot faster, though.

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Yes, anorexia and bulimia do kill you faster, and bulimia also destroys your teeth.

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They are all bad options.

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I’ve read anorexia is the hardest on the body organs but don’t rightly know, they all seem horrible to me.

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I don’t know why one has to be worse than the others, they all are pretty terrible. Obesity might take longer to kill you, but it can be a slow, painful death. Anorexia and Bulimia are horrible and ravage the system.

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They are both pathologies that cause health problems of one sort or another, each in it’s own way. I don’t have the data at hand to make any kind of judgment as to which is worse, in terms of “morbidity and mortality.”

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Obesity ‘cause at least bulimic girls are hot!

All kidding aside, if they are equal in terms of being health dangers, there is still the unfair public ridicule of obese people (see related thread). Bulimic and anorexic people are seen as people who need help, while obese people are seen as fatties that won’t put down the fork.

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Medically, bulimia… you get the effects of lack of food, combined with the negative effects the acid in your vomit has on your throat (among other things).

Depending the level of obesity, obesity could be the worst… But I’ve never seen someone who was slipping into bulimia or anorexia who was actually overweight (or for that matter anywhere close to it).

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I guess it depends on how fast you are trying to kill yourself. They are all unhealthy choices, so one can’t be called worse than the others.

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I’ve had anorexia for 15 years and i’m a male. It doesn’t matter the disorder, they can and will destroy your life. Eating disorders are serious business!!!

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All are serious illnesses.

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The first two are societies flaws.
impressions left hit hard with some people clearly, but in a image based world it wont stop but get worse.
These are all personal choices that shouldnt effect other people.
Unless it is influencing more cases your body is your choice.
But do not affect weaker minds with it.

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@Unsure – Actually, all three are society’s flaws. Obesity is such a big problem these days because our natural urges no longer match societal needs. We have a lesser and lesser requirement to be physical beings but our bodies don’t know that. We can only overcome it by either changing ourselves to overcome our body’s urge to take in fuel or changing society so that physical energy expenditure is once more a major part of life.

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I’d think anorexia would be the least healthiest for a persons body. That’s just a guess though.

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I’m a male who has had anorexia for 15 years… All eating disorders are equally destructive and deadly!!!

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i think anorexia is worse because you lose your appetite and cant eat, whereas obesity you can stop eating.

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Overall I would say obesity is worse than bulimia and anorexia. Bulimia and anorexia has the potential to kill you off or ravage the body quicker because there is less to draw from where the organs of a fat person is not being diminished by the body just severely over worked. The long term is obese people consume way more health dollars IMO. Mentally I would say bulimia and anorexia is worse because they actually make a conscious choice to do it where fat people many times just allow the condition to take hold and fester; they did not actively seek to create it they just didn’t care enough to prevent it. From what I have read and watch about bulimia and anorexia outside of those who are so severely into it they are vomiting dozens of times a day that their teach gets eroded away or they ruin their throat, is that they lose their hair and have other problems as their organs shut down. Fat people have many problems ongoing way before they actually get close to death. The diabetes, stroke, bad joints, falling aches, high blood pressure, etc don’t hit obese people right before all that weight is about to take them out, they can survive years upon years in that state where people with bulimia and anorexia that severe usually don’t; the ones who last a while just have not gotten to that breakpoint yet.

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@kezia I don’t think people who suffer from anorexia necessarily lose their appetite and can’t eat. It is more about restricting food because they are obsessed with thinness. Although I think after the body has gone through its fat and muscle stores, the stomach is so small it can be physically painful to eat a “normal” sized meal.

True, anorexia literally means “loss of appetite”. I’m sure they do indeed have an appetite but control their food intake to achieve their unrealistic goal of perfection.

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Health wise, I don’t know. But personally, I’d rather be unhealthily skinny than unhealthily fat. Fat is repulsive and disgusting and I can’t stand the feeling of fat. In regards to which is healthier; neither. They’re both deadly, but I think it would be better to die from being too thin than dying from being too big. Just an opinion.

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