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How would you complete this phrase: I never knew how much _________ would help me?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38963points) May 19th, 2009

Sometimes, life throws things at us, opportunities, that don’t look like that at first, that make no sense, you do something and years later it makes a difference…yesterday I realized that when I entered my Masters program, I wasn’t sure why, just needed something to do…today I never knew how much my masters would save the life of my family, allow me to get a job to support my partner and 2 kids…so share with me what has had an influence on you that you didn’t think would and why

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I never knew how much Capoeira would help me.

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Life in general actually. It serves as a discipline focus. It drives me to be better, to know better, etc.
You wouldn’t know that from yesterday. Sorry about that. You won’t get such attitude from me anymore.

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I never knew how much laughter would help me?

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@GAMBIT atually I read these study results yesterday that show plentiful laughter can help those who suffer from chronic pain

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I never knew how much yoga would help me.

I knew it was supposed to help with flexibility and maybe calm your mind, but I didn’t realize that it also is a great workout that improves strength, too. It works every muscle group, even the tiny ones I didn’t know were there. It’s improved my posture and helped me get better sleep. I didn’t think my mind even needed calming, but it is calmer. I have an even more positive outlook on life. I never knew how good it is for my body to practice headstands and other inversions. I’m much healthier than I was a year and a half ago.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – yes when I laugh a lot of stress leaves my body and I’ve noticed my outlook changes.

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Suffering. It has helped me be compassionate and has forced me to rely on Gods grace.

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I never knew how much hitting rock bottom would help me. It sucked ass, but it showed me that I never want to go back there again so I push myself to fight against it with all my might.

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I never knew how much Bejeweled would help me.

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I never knew how much crying would help me?

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I never knew how much having a child would help me.

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I never knew how much my job would help me.
I moved to a little “podunk” (just kidding) place I’d never even heard of for what I expected would be a job for a year or maybe two at the most. Through it, I met my friends, my coworkers who have become lifesavers on occasion, and my husband. I am so glad that things worked out as they did.

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Losing all my comforts, security and identity. I spent a few years rebuilding myself from what felt like the ground up and I learned I was resourceful, versatile and really did like myself, even without all the stuff I thought made me who I thought I was. At this point in time I can choose to get back anything I’ve left behind, those things feel like choices now, not losses.

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…growing-up and living around different races and ethnicities…

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I never knew how much ass would help me.

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After fourteen years of chronic pain and stiffness (after being hit by a drunk driver), misadventures with chiropractors and PT, I happened upon acupuncture.

What an unbelievable difference.

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I never knew how much changing my lifestyle would help me with weight loss and general well being.

Okay, a lot of people recommend exercise but I’d been “too busy” for too long and it was not until I started feeling out of sorts recently that I decided to change ME. So I am out and about as much as possible, changed my diet, exercising as well, even though I don’t have that down to a fine art yet, meditating and journaling as I go along. I am also saying welcome to the new healthy almost 30 me.


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@PapaEcho How did you do it?

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@cprevite: I 2nd the acupuncture! As a person who goes into mild shock when needled, I can vouch that acupuncture is a lifesaver and wish more doctors and hospitals would suggest it before pushing pills and PT and cortisone injections. Acupuncture is non invasive, non addicting, comparatively inexpensive (why insurance companies don’t like it) and Euphoric :D

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@hungryhungryhortence: Absolutely. My primary doctor’s solution was to take more ibuprofin.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir It’s a marvellous (yet far too addictive little game) that I recently got on iPhone. I suggest you check it out, pronto! ;-)

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I would say I never new how much this would help me

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I never knew how much beer would help me.

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@RedPowerLady: How did I do what exactly? If you mean start exercising, I started taking long walks and then running and walking, despite the fact that I thought (and still think) I looked ridiculous. However, as I said I am no where close to my target but enjoy feeling healthier than I have felt in a long time.

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@PapaEcho I was just looking for what motivates you and keeps you going. Is it something you force yourself to do vs. an idea or thought you use vs. a special technique.

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@RedPowerLady Initially, yes I had to force myself to get up get dressed and leave the house. Now, however, I enjoy running almost as much as I enjoy anything else.

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I never knew how much getting kicked out of home at 16 would help, a dire situation for sure but in hindsight possibly one of the biggest and best turning points in my life,

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