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What is the best way to put free videos on a ipod touch 1g?

Asked by Kenyan (295points) May 19th, 2009 from iPhone
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There are all sorts of video converters, but none of the good ones are free. The good ones are usually fully configurable and convert all types of video into another type as well as set up the screen parameters. I use one to put video, either from a DVD or from a Digital TV recording (MP4) onto my BlackBerry Storm, my iPod, or Laptop. They will also convert the FLV files from Youtube to play on an IPod or other device. I use the Daniusoft suite. I think that I paid au$39.00 for the whole suite, DVD & Video files.

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Are they expensive?

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If it is a file that can be imported into iTunes, there is a function under the “Advanced” tab that says convert for iPod or iPhone, that will do the job. It generally has to do with the screen size and configuration.

To rip a dvd that I have purchased and want to watch on my iPod, I use Handbrake which works for most but not all.

I have Mac all the way though, there are many others for PC

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@rooeytoo thanks ill try it

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You can get Handbrake here

It is free and when you rip a dvd, use the iPod low rez setting. Then it needs no more converting in iTunes and will go right onto your iPod.

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