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Has anyone used GeekTool on their Mac?

Asked by eponymoushipster (20262points) May 19th, 2009

I’ve seen those cool custom desktops on Likehacker and Gizmodo, but I only really found the tool to do it today, for whatever reason. Any scripts or tips? Any caveats?

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Geektool is for people with no understanding of Unix. It isn’t needed for those who can play “under the hood” on a Mac.

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well, i’ve got enough of an understanding of Unix to get the scripts setup, but not enough time or understanding to do some of the things.

thanks for your help.~

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@DarkScribe :: It is for running things like top -a on your Desktop. You need to know the Terminal commands to add stuff.

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@eponymoushipster It doesn’t take much, and it is fun once you get into it. I think that you are better off being hands on than working through an interface. If you have a basic understanding of Unix then you should have no problem with OSX. Try to get hold of one of the Mac OSX guides, it gives you a hell of lot more scope, and you can add quite a bit to the OS’ functionality. Set up your own mail server, play with more configurable Firewalls etc.

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Really. It does nothing but place output from the Terminal on the Desktop. It gets boring after 30 minutes.

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I used geektool for a while, but in the end I got rid of it. It was cool and novel at first, but I found it distracting in practice. If I want to know that stuff I’ll just open a terminal.

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@phoenyx Yes, just set up a Keyboard Shortcut for terminal and it keeps everything tidy. I have one for terminal and one for the activity monitor. I use both quite often – need to keep flushing memory with the later versions of Firefox or it starts to hog the whole system.

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But what commands do you use to display said information on your desktop, What is the unix command to embed the info displayed in the terminal onto your desktop and be able to place it at the preferred area on the desktop. Without using geektool?

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I really enjoy geektool and dond find it to be obtrusive at all. I like to see it when i startup. I also have the hotkey set to “Show Desktop” when I drag to the right corner My Desktop

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I like it. It’s just a different way of setting up your desktop. It really won’t do much for most people, but I kinda like it for displaying stuff like processes and weather on my desktop.

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