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I'm baking gluten/vegan free bread for the first time today, it's called "Orange Chocolate Bread". Have you ever baked or eaten anything like this before?

Asked by rockfan (10805points) September 6th, 2013

How did it turn out?

By the way, I’m using almond meal, tapioca flour, sorghum flour, xanthan gum, cocoa powder, orange zest, 70% dark chocolate (finely chopped), pure maple syrup, and chia seeds.

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Babycakes gluten free, vegan, brownies are some of the best brownies I have ever tasted, including “regular” brownies. You can order them or buy their cookbook or look up some of their recipes online.

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Tell me how it turns out. I just got the word from my doctor that I am gluten and dairy intolerant. Next week I am doing 30 days of strict gluten and dairy free. Then I’m supposed to go hog wild on gluten and dairy so I will know for sure that this is the problem.
I’m really at a loss for how to do this. I’m sure ill be asking for recipe ideas here for the next month.

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Vegan and/or gluten-free can go both ways. It’s often not as simple as substituting a few ingredients; it often cooks/bakesddifferently enough and certain ingredients interact in ways that you pretty much have to treat it as an entirely different cuisine.

That said, I’ve had some awesome vegan food. Gluten-free baking is trickier as many try (and fail) with simple substitutions, but I’ve had a few that the baker got it right, so it can be excellent. It sounds like your recipe was made from the ground up as vegan/gluten-free, so it should turn out decent.

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Are you intolerant to gluten?

Do you even know what gluten is?

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@Neodarwinian why would you assume that @rockfan doesn’t know what gluten is?

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No. But it sounds pretty amazing!

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Baked gluten recipes are trial and error. Rule of thumb is 3 flours one of them a starch and xanathm gum which is what you have. Still don’t except the first one to turn out great I usually add a bit of salt doesn’t take much.. but it enhances the sweet. Sounds like it will be moist with that maple syprup but in case it is thick and dry try a dairy alternative or applesauce. The Chua tends to soak up moisture making it really dense the next time you make it.

Good luck and enjoy post back if it is good I’ll use it.

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I made no assumption, I asked a question.

Many do not know what gluten is. Do you?

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@Neodarwinian I have a gluten allergy and I think I might have celiac disease.

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Our health food store has tons of gluten free and vegan products. If you want some brands I’ll be there next weekend and can look them up for you.

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OK vegan here :) I don’t know much about the gluten part, but for the other ingredients, pure maple syrup, OK cool.

Here’s my take on the 70% dark chocolate. Do you know its vegan for sure? Make sure to read the labels and then source the product because if the chocolate is made by a company that sells other products that harm animals, then the product is probably not vegan. I hope that makes sense :/

This is some info on vegan chocolate. I hope this helps. :)

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You need to see a doctor as damage to the intestinal lining may have been already done to you. Other proteins can be involved in this autoimmune disease, so a full diagnosis and work up is recommended.

Going over your list of ingredients shows no grains from grasses, so they should be safe.

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PS: Sorghum is a grass, but I think it safe.

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Sorghum is safe. On further note esp if you aren’t using a chia gel, placing them in water and storing in the fridge, it will definitely be to dense and soak up all the moisture in your mouth. Chia absorb water and can hold ten times their weight in water.

Beyond that brownies typically call for an oil. Even with a large amount of syrup I think you do need more liquid.

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Sorghum greatly upsets my digestion & my son’s as well….we’re both gluten free

Yes, I often bake g-free items. I’ve found through trial & error that for me, store bought flour mixes are my best option due to the small amount of ingredients I can safely digest.

This one sounds yummy. Tapioca four mixes are a personal fav here.

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