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What does everyone think of the current direction that Barack Obama has taken the United States thus far?

Asked by GoPhillies (162points) May 21st, 2009

Good, Bad what is your take on some of the pressing issues (Gitmo,Health Care, Bail-outs, ect.)

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I am neither for him nor against him. The man is just as lucky as George W. was unlucky. No matter what he does he’ll be heralded as one of the greatest Presidents in US history. It’s good to be king.

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It’s WAY too early to tell.

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So far so good. Maybe an A- or a B+ to date.

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I agree with @bob_

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Very good on non-environmental issues. A huge disappointment on environmental issues. Better by far than McCain/Palin would have been for sure, but Ken Salazar and cronies are not making environmentally friendly or prudent decisions.

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I would second @bob_ except the question asks “so far.” I’m not happy with him yet. I didn’t vote for him (or McCain) and I don’t expect him to do what, in my opinion, is best for the nation in his term. I really hope he does. I don’t want him to fail for the sake of all of us. But, so far he has demonstrated no great strides. On one hand, I’m glad he hasn’t accomplished some things I wouldnt like to see that he promised in his campaign, but on the other hand I think he’s beating around the bush (no pun intended) regarding some dire problems.

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He seems to be handling the global economic crisis, the potential collapse of the US automotive industry and a potential viral pandemic pretty well. Oh and still keeping up with his goals of improving the US in the eyes of the world by addressing issues such as torture and talk of war between Israel and Iran.

I think he can be forgiven for not solving all the problems of the country in the past four months and one day. Did I mention that he also solved the issue of which puppy to get for his girls? (though he may not have been fully involved in that decision)

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I’m still in the “let’s wait and see” mode, as it has only been 4 months. At least he addresses his critics on the issues intelligently and thoughtfully.

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Does anyone agree that it is a smart Idea to shut down Gitmo?

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@GoPhillies – I don’t think we have enough information to know that.
Obama was all for shutting down Gitmo until he got into office and started getting high level security briefings.

I do think he is right about transferring as many people as possible to Super Max prisons rather than keeping them in Gtimo.

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